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Seven Historical Figures Who Married Their Cousins

Stacy Conradt

I, like most of you, would never marry my cousin. I mean, nothing against the guy. He's pretty cool. I just"¦you know"¦find the whole concept to be pretty squicky in general.

Children and consciousness


There's something intrinsically trippy about being a child; before graduating into the venal world and its cabinet of chemically-induced everythings, kids have to scrape by on their imaginations.

8 Thoroughly Misleading Baseball Team Names

Mangesh & Jason

by Bob Carson The Red Sox spent 86 years overcoming an alleged curse. Sammy Sosa somehow got the impression that he needed corked bats to amp up his already terrific game.

Gadgets: The Infinitely Geared Bike

Miss Cellania

Popular Science selected the infinitely geared bike as the "Best of What's New" in recreation for 2007. It's called The Ride by Ellsworth Bikes.

Weekend Genius Challenge #10 Winner!

The entrant with the most correct answers was Bryan, who (amazingly!) came up with 14 of the 15 songs in our percussion medley from 1980. So Bryan, congratulations!

Monday Fun - Wii Fit Parody

Chris Higgins

So I saw a video a few weeks ago that got me excited about the Nintendo Wii.

So I Moderated an Axe Murderer

Ransom Riggs

Have you ever known a killer? Lived next door to one, or worked in the same office as one?

On Music: Major-General's Song

David K. Israel

Some of you loyal readers may recall Ransom's cool post many moons ago about memorizing the periodic

December 10, 2007

Miss Cellania

Jason wanted to stage a memorable proposal to his girlfriend Maui. He pulled it off, with the help of their favorite author, Neil Gaiman when he autographed one of his books for her.

Weekend Genius Challenge #10: Let There Be Drums (1980)

For the Weekend Genius Challenge, we've done anagrams and clues and various wordplay.

4 Fruits We're Dying to Try

the mag


...and 1 Amazing Fact To Leave You Feeling Good All Weekend

Mangesh & Jason

The Thing That's So Heart-Warming About the First Gettysburg Reenactment Modern-day Civil War reenactments have nothing on the one held in 1913.

2 Random Things I've Been Meaning To Show You

Jason English

Here are two not-at-all-timely topics I meant to cover months ago. 1.

3 Random People I'm Glad I'm Not

David K. Israel


4 Things You Didn't Know About Johnny Appleseed

Chris Higgins

Here are four fascinating facts about Johnny Appleseed (aka John Chapman), who brought apples to the American frontier in the 1800's. 1.