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7 Stories You Haven't Heard About the Olympics

Mangesh & Jason

When it comes to the Olympics, our good friend Justin Feinstein is a wealth of information.

The First Time News Was Fit To Print, XIX: Our TV Episode

Jason English

Every Monday, mental_floss wanders into the archives of The New York Times "“ and wanders out with first mentions worth mentioning.

Weekend Genius Challenge #9 winner:

Kate jumped right on our latest Weekend Genius Challenge and won it with the first guess.

Office Rat-A-Tat: Office Attire

David K. Israel

One of the big differences I've found between working in an office in New York and L.A., is what people wear to work.

December 3, 2007

Miss Cellania

Optical Illusion: Pass the Lunch Box. Count how many times the lunch box is handed off. Yeah, I knew you weren't really paying attention. Ten Reasons to Marry a Robot.

Third Caption Contest Winner!

David K. Israel

The results have been tallied from our third caption contest and we have our winner! Thanks to all who entered and all our finalists (and to the multi-talented Robert Bonotto for the cartoon).

9 Excessive Weddings To Which We Weren't Invited

Floss books

There's lots to consider when planning a wedding: dresses, cakes, bands, halls...all of which can add up to a hefty bill for the parents of the bride (or, in some cultures, the groom).

Quiz Roundup

Jason English

Here are a few recent quizzes you may have missed. Click on each image to test

Weekend Genius Challenge #9: Short but Sweet

This Weekend Genius Challenge is short but sweet. We're looking for a specific answer to the question below.

Contest Updates

Jason English

Sorry I didn't get to this on Friday. As for Wednesday's book giveaway, the reader campaign slogan I'm voting for is "Vote Chia. She Grows On You." Congratulations!

RIP Evel Knievel



A plea for help: My problems with radio interference

Jason Plautz

I have a bit of a problem with my speakers. Whenever they're on, I can faintly hear my campus radio station.

Six of History's Most Awkward Public Displays of Affection

Kara Kovalchik

1. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley Lisa Marie Presley had accompanied her husband, Michael Jackson, to the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards for moral support.

Food Pairing Diagrams

Chris Higgins

Foodpairing is a web site with an unusual premise: it seeks to visually describe the flavor relationships between a set of foods.

Friday Happy Hour: Temp Jobs

Jason English

For today's installment of our Friday Happy Hour series, I'm handing the keys to Brett Savage.