6 Towns That Claim Paul Bunyan as Their Own (and What They Should Be Bragging About Instead)

Benjamin Smith

Everyone knows Paul Bunyan: a man of extraordinary stature who traveled the country with an ox of extraordinary color. Everyone also knows that this folkloric hero is blatantly imaginary.

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 38

Mark Arminio

Attention _flossers! It's time once again for everyone's favorite Thursday night game — GUESS THE THEME. All the clips below have something in common.

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary, the Poe Toaster Failed to Show

Stacy Conradt

© Lee Snider/Photo Images/Corbis For more than sixty years, a character right out of one of Edgar Allan Poe’s gothic tales left gifts at the author’s gravestone to honor his birthday on January 19.

37 Vintage Travel Posters From the Library of Congress

Jill Harness

While old travel posters still remind us why specific locations would make excellent vacation destinations, they also capture the popular artwork styles and values of the period in which they were mad

Mail Call! Looking for Letters About Our Latest Issue

Jason English

The new issue of mental_floss is now on newsstands and coffee tables and wherever else magazines are hoarded.

Why Don't You Hear Someone's Accent in a Song?

Matt Soniak

Reader Jared wrote in with this question: "Why do singers I perceive as having accents (i.e. Adele, Bono, etc.) have those accents when they talk, but not when they

At the Libraries: Police Sent to Retrieve Library Books

Miss Kathleen

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books. If there’s something noteworthy going on in your local library, leave us a

Jive Talkin’: The Origins of Cool Dudes, Groovy Chicks and Hip Cats

Bill DeMain

How long have the fashionable people been referred to as "cool"? Where did the word "dude" come from? Here's a look at the origins of six calmly audacious words. 1.

Lectures for a New Year: How Schools Fail Creative Kids

Chris Higgins

Sir Ken Robinson is an educator (a former professor) who believes that the fundamental principles we use to educate our children are wrong.

11 Brilliantly Colorized Historic Photos

David K. Israel

Swedish artist Sanna Dullaway loves to colorize historic photos. Something she does for fun, but also as a business.

Brain Game: Weird!

Here's a new Brain Game Think Thursday challenge. Good luck! Which of these presidential first names don't belong with the other three, and why?

Morning Cup of Links: Wikipedia Withdrawal

Miss Cellania

50 Brilliant Fan-Made Remixes, Mash-Ups, and Supercuts That Will Be Strictly Prohibited Under SOPA.

5 Questions: Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

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The Most Amusing Images from the SOPA Strike

Miss Cellania

On January 18th, websites across the internet went on strike to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the related Protect IP Act (PIPA).

Stephen Colbert Explains the Difference Between PACs and Super PACs

Colin Patrick

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Many of the people following the GOP primary race may be wondering about the difference between a Political Action Committe