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Amazing Facts, 140 Characters at a Time

Jason English

If you're into the whole Twitter thing, consider adding some fun facts to your feed.

Singing Helps Stroke Patients

Meghan Holohan

Don't be embarrassed about belting out Lady Gaga or Stevie Wonder tunes in the shower—it's good for your health. Singing strengthens vocal cords and neck and mouth muscles.

Douglas Adams on Lemurs, Monkeys, Parrots, the Universe, and Everything

Chris Higgins

Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (among other awesome stuff) was an environmental activist particularly concerned with endangered species (read more about his work on

Dietribes: Cheesecake

Allison Keene

"¢ Cheesecake may have been around since ancient Greece, where Cato wrote recipes for religious use using placenta (er ...) that was later substituted with soft cheese, which was eventually devel

20 Cool Mudflaps

David K. Israel

Most of you are probably familiar with the mudflap girl, seen in this photo

The Secret to The Office's Success

Jill Harness

I love The Office. It seems like I have worked with every character on the show. And apparently, I'm not alone.

Brain Game: Gobble Snoot

A few weeks back, we asked our Brain Gamers to size up each of the seven continents of the world by land area, largest to smallest.

Morning Cup of Links: The Mother Owl

Miss Cellania

The Virtual Choir, composed of 185 singers who never sang together. All recorded separately but blended together in a YouTube video.

5 Questions: On Tour

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The Late Movies: Great Performances by Blind Musicians

Greg Sabin

As a musician (OK, maybe musician is too strong a word; I do, after all, play the banjo), I'm impressed by anyone who has total control of his or her instrument.

The Quick 10: 10 Movie Theater Gimmicks

Stacy Conradt

You've probably noticed by the abundance of funny glasses available at your local Cineplex lately that 3D technology is the latest gimmick to become all the rage at movie theaters.

Tuesday Turnip

David K. Israel

In case you're not familiar with the Turnip, it's a whimsical Google search, wherein I type a random phrase and we see what kind of interesting pages "turn-up." As always with thi

12 (Non-Sexual) Uses for 900 Numbers

Ethan Trex

The term "900 number" probably conjures up images of phone sex operators or, even worse, teen heartthrobs tricking young girls into running up their parents' phone bills.

185-Person "Virtual Choir" Assembled Via YouTube

Chris Higgins

Eric Whitacre has created a "virtual choir" using volunteers from YouTube.

The Early Careers of College Basketball Coaches

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Before they were famous coaches at big time programs, they coached at smaller schools, or held clipboards at the end of the bench as assistants. How well do you know the early resumes of college basketball's biggest names?