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The Nightmare(s) of Single Womanhood

Ransom Riggs

Being a single woman these days can be a nightmare. Or more specifically -- it can lead to

Aussie Good Luck: 6 Australians who caught lucky breaks

Mark Juddery

Australia is known as the "lucky country." And while statistically Australians aren't any luckier than anyone else, why split hairs?

Thingamajig Thursday: ferrules

David K. Israel

It's been a while since our last Thingamajig Thursday. Today I'm naming that slim metal band, or clamp, that wraps around a pencil, holding the eraser in place.

Blue People

Miss Cellania

There have always been tales of blue people in mythology, popular fiction, and in the news. Yes, blue people exist here and there in the real

Brain Game: Jill+Bill=4ever

Back in 1952, Jill was only half Bill's age. But by 1966, the year the two married each other, Jill was three-quarters Bill's age.

Morning Cup of Links: Progress at Ground Zero

Miss Cellania

Last year we brought you a report on the plans and construction progress at Ground Zero. Now see updated photos of the work that's going on at the WTC site.

What's a Trade Secret? (And What Would Happen if You Stole The Colonel's?)

Ethan Trex

Earlier this week, KFC removed Colonel Harland Sanders' original handwritten recipe of 11 herbs and spices that go into the company's signature fried chicken from its safe storage place.

The Quick 10: 10 Official State Insignia

Stacy Conradt

Everyone knows that states have their own official flags, seals, flowers, songs, mottoes and so on. But some states have an official something for just about every category you can come up with.

Odds/Ends: 10%-off t-shirts (and other very important announcements)

Jason English

For the rest of the week, all our t-shirts are 10% off. Visit the mental_floss store, fill up your cart, and enter the code "fallsale" during checkout.

What Does the Freddie/Fannie Bailout Mean to You?

Diana Wolf

The big bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has been big news this week. But what does it mean to you?

The Zany History of Mini Golf

In the Beginning

Whether you call it "mini golf," "putt putt," or "a cheap date," the miniaturized sport has been popular since the 19th

The Future of Your Newspaper

Ransom Riggs

There's no two ways about it: much like a lot of print media nowadays, newspapers are in trouble.

The Large Hadron Collider: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Matt Soniak

This morning, at 3 a.m.

Brain Game: What's That Spell?

It's a good day for an old (but not terribly difficult) word riddle: Alone, I am nothing. With B, I am purchased. With F, I am struggled. With N.

5 Cruises for the geek in all of us

David K. Israel

I once joined a girlfriend on a classical music-themed cruise through the Greek isles.