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Marvin Minsky on Emotion

Chris Higgins

Can we stop epidemics by stopping people from shaking each others' hands? Can we solve global overconsumption by making people smaller, or just getting rid of mostly everybody?

The Quick 10: Stories Behind 10 Dr. Seuss Stories

Stacy Conradt

On this day in 1991, the world lost a classic writer and artist "“ Dr. Seuss (AKA Theodor Geisel). I know the _floss has done stories on Dr.

8 Great TV Columns Written by Kara Kovalchik

Jason English

Today is our research editor/resident TVHolic Kara Kovalchik's birthday. In lieu of gifts, how about you just read some of her greatest

How to Sell Short (And Why? And When?)

Diana Wolf

Perhaps you've read about the ban on short selling. Many believe it is one of the main causes of the current financial crisis and the fall of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and AIG.

How Did You Know? - {day 3}

David K. Israel

We're back with another 5-day trivia hunt! To remind you of the rules: Every day this week, I'll be presenting a specific challenge.

No Place Like Home: Truly Disgusting Houses

Ransom Riggs

I've lived in a bad apartment or two in my time; most of us have.

Quiz Rerun: The Office (U.S. Edition)

Jason English

Our magazine designers, researchers and editors are working feverishly this week to finish up the next issue. (And last week.

Brain Game: The Royal Family

"Kings and queens and guillotines," as Stephen Tyler of Aerosmith once sang.

Morning Cup of Links: Geography of Personality

Miss Cellania

Research on the "geography of personality" finds that certain regions of the US correlate with certain personality traits.

What was the "Checkers Speech" and why is it so important?

Matt Soniak

Fifty-six years ago yesterday, Republican VP candidate Richard Nixon went on TV to give what's known as the "Checkers Speech." Why does a speech named after a dog live on in our cultur

Eager to Escape This Theatre: Jean-Léon Gérôme

Andréa Fernandes

At the request of reader Mike, today's "Feel Art Again" features Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904), a French painter.

Crowd-Sourced Audio Transcription

Chris Higgins

Journalist/programmer Andy Baio had a problem: he had recorded a half-hour telephone interview, but didn't want to spend hours transcribing it to text so he could post it on his blog.

The Quick 10: 10 Facts About Yankee Stadium

Stacy Conradt

I was in New York this weekend to visit my brother-in-law, check out a Yankees game and drop in on Mangesh and Jason at the Brooklyn HQ.

5 Ad Campaigns that Failed Quickly (or Spectacularly)

Ethan Trex

Microsoft announced it was moving away from its commercials featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld just two weeks after unveiling the baffling teaser ads.

Good News for Sexists: You Probably Earn More

Ransom Riggs

All this talk of sexism lately has got me to wondering, with all the negative things associated with being a sexist (you're a behind-the-times jerk, an oppressor of women, etc.), are there any po