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Why Does Sex Make Men Sleepy?

Matt Soniak

Alfred Kinsey, biologist, pioneering sex researcher and founder of the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University, once wrote that "a marked quiescence of the total body is the most widely

The Blossom Time Festival

Jason English

Toby and Melanie met a whole bunch of our Ohio readers at the Blossom Time Festival in Chagrin Falls this past weekend.

Presidential Alma Maters

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Where did your favorite president go to college? Does your school's list of notable alumni include a former Commander-in-Chief? Let's find out how well you know the educational experience of our presidents.

World Cup: The Seven Sins of Soccer

Miss Cellania

The 2010 FIFA World Cup begins June 11th in South Africa. The whole world is watching!

Digging Up Dirt: 7 Lost Time Capsules

Rob Lammle

There are approximately 10,000 time capsules in the world—but no one remembers where an estimated 9,000 of them are buried.

Brain Game: Peri Peri Coco Bop

By changing one letter with each subsequent entry, and leaving the other three letters in their original spots, come up with four-letter names that complete the monikers of ten famous people.

Photos of Unrelated People Who Look Exactly Alike

Jason English

The Truth Behind 10 Movie Urban Legends

Rudie Obias

10 Photos of Celebrities Jumping for History's Most Persuasive Photographer

Anna Gay

Incredible Colorized Slides of Africa from 1896

Erin McCarthy

16 of the Coolest Playgrounds in the World

Shaunacy Ferro

8 Famous Movies and the Lawsuits That Plagued Them

Rudie Obias

10 Outrageous Movie Theories You Didn't See Coming

Rudie Obias

10 People Who Accepted Their Razzie Awards

Rudie Obias

Photographer Puts LEGO Minifigs in Amusing Situations

Rebecca OConnell