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The Late Movies: Tesla Coils Making Music

Chris Higgins

Did you know that Tesla coils can be tuned and played together (under computer control) to make music? News to me.

12 Geeky Trash Cans

David K. Israel

When I was growing up, my brother and I painted the fire hydrant outside our house to look like Uncle Sam to help celebrate the bicentennial.

5 Silly Reasons People Decided to Duel

Kathy Benjamin

For thousands of years, men and women have risked their lives fighting duels for lofty reasons like honor, integrity, and justice. These are not those

Adam Savage's Impassioned Speech on Reason

Chris Higgins

In this video from last Saturday, Adam Savage whips up a frenzy among his fellow secular science nerds at The Reason Rally.

Brain Game: Short Spell #9

Today's Wednesday Wordplay challenge at the mentalfloss.com Brain Game is filled with words that seem to break the "I before E, except after C" rule; only one of them doesn't.

Morning Cup of Links: Name the Monster

Miss Cellania

Ontario has legalized brothels in order to keep prostitution off the streets.

5 Questions: Look Who's Talking

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The Late Movies: Best of the Swedish Chef

Erica Palan

Even before the Food Network, people were making fun of television chefs. More accurately—the Muppets were making fun of television chefs. The Swedish Chef has grown to be a beloved Muppet.

The Day John Lennon Became a Disc Jockey

Bill DeMain

When John Lennon visited WNEW’s Dennis Elsas in 1974, he brought along some of his favorite records to

8 Seemingly Harmless Toys That Were Yanked Off the Shelf

Adrienne Crezo

Some toys were doomed from the start, as any one of the thousands of people impaled by lawn darts will attest. But others seem completely incapable of causing injury or duress…until they do.

Organic Food Brand or Cult?

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Companies that produce organic foods may not have a lot in common with people holed up in a compound somewhere, but their names sure do sound alike. Can you tell which is which?

Messing with Mother Nature: The Macquarie Island Ecosystem

Miss Cellania

The story of the Macquarie Island ecosystem may remind you of the song about the woman who swallowed a fly.

Google's Play

David K. Israel

Some of you might have noticed it already, but I only saw it last night: a new addition to my Gmail menu.

The Sagan Series: The Humans

Chris Higgins

The Sagan Series continues to surprise.

Brain Game: Big John

We're currently about eight months away from the next presidential election, so today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge focuses on a particular Commander-in-Chief of t