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Labor Day Quiz Marathon: Andy Rooney

Jason English

The venerable CBS News commentator has said a lot of crazy stuff over the years. We've compiled fifteen sayings.

Labor Day Quiz Marathon: Steven or Stephen?

There are plenty of Steves in the world (and many of 'em are good guys). And then there are those who prefer to be called Steven or Stephen.

Labor Day Quiz Marathon: We Didn't Start the Fire

David K. Israel

How well do you know which important people, books, records, inventions and historically significant events found their way into this classic song? Turn up those speakers and start that fire!

Morning Links: Better Know Your Flossers

Jason English

We're celebrating Labor Day by not working, but we'll still have plenty here to keep you busy.

How Did You Know Chan Stevens?

David K. Israel

First, a hearty congrats to all of you who got all the answers correct this month. Now on with the big news: We have a new champion!

Moore Sculpture

Andréa Fernandes

Tomorrow is the 22nd anniversary of the death of British sculptor Henry Moore (1898-1986).

TRUE CRIME: John Draper, the original whistle blower.

Kara Kovalchik

John Draper is the hacker's hero for a reason.

The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

Looking to get involved in the political process? How about fool some friends into thinking you're a grassroots phenomenon?

Share Your Obscure Historical Landmarks, Win James Loewen's Book

Jason English

I live near Grover Cleveland's birthplace.

Lunchtime Quiz Leftovers

Jason English

8 Strikes that Turned Ugly (or Inspired Keanu Reeves Movies)

Stacy Conradt

As we head into Labor Day Weekend, we thought it would be fitting to revisit some notable strikes in American history—from the railroad industry to the Post Office, Disney to the NFL. 1.

How Statistics Fool Juries

Chris Higgins

Peter Donnelly is a statistician with a sense of humor. He starts his talk with a classic statistician joke: "How do you tell an introverted statistician from an extroverted statistician?

The Quick 10: 10 Other Jack the "_ippers"

Stacy Conradt

This weekend is kind of a strange anniversary "“ it was August 31, many years ago (OK, it was 1888 if we're being precise) that Jack the Ripper took his first known victim.

9 Modern-Day Independence Movements

the mag

by Jeff Fleischer You've heard all about Palestine and Tibet, Quebec and Chechnya. But those aren't the only places that want to be sovereign.

Tell Us What You Really Think (and win big prizes!)

Jason English

Got 2-4 minutes? We need a small army of volunteers to participate in an online survey for the magazine, of the magazine.