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World War I Centennial: Germany Throws Down the Naval Gauntlet

Erik Sass

Installment #10: In the years leading up to 1912, Britain and Germany became locked in a naval arms race based on the two imperial powers’ fundamentally different perceptions and aims.

At the Libraries: Library Memes

Miss Kathleen

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books.

10 Clever and Creative Crochet Creations

Miss Cellania

Those in the craft scene know that you can make anything with yarn and crochet hook.

Brain Game: Flash Cube

Today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Think Thursday challenge needs only a number for a solution.

Morning Cup of Links: Mad Men-the Game

Miss Cellania

China's Great Leap Backward.

5 Questions: Author, Author! Part 4

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Cramming People Into a Thing: A Photo History

Chris Higgins

Phone Booth Cramming was a late-1950s fad with a simple premise: cram a phone booth full of dudes (and/or ladies) and take a picture before the people on the bottom suffocate.

The Late Movies: Next on "Mad Men"

Chris Higgins

With the fifth season of Mad Men premiering this Sunday, I felt it was time to dust off a classic set of videos I first saw in 2010.

12 Strange, Yet Beautiful Fruits & Vegetables

David K. Israel

Here's a fun roundup of odd fruits and veggies. If you have any experience eating any of them, we're all ears! The comments are open below... 1.

A Brief History of the Etch A Sketch

Jason English

Everybody's been talking about the Etch A Sketch since Mitt Romney's communications director suggested the candidate would be resetting his campaign after the primaries: "Everything

Who Was Murphy and Why Is There a Bed Named After Him?

Matt Soniak

Image credit: Valet Custom Cabinets & ClosetsThe Murphy Bed, also known as a wall bed, fold down bed or pull down bed, is a bed that’s hinged at one end so it can be folded up and stored verticall

Dietribes: Vim and Vinegar

Allison Keene

• Vinegar is, essentially, fermented fruit, though it can be made from anything containing sugar.

Cabinet Secretary or Piece of Furniture?

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For political science majors. Or people who love furniture.

Every "Itchy & Scratchy Show" Ever

Chris Higgins

One of my favorite parts of The Simpsons is The Itchy & Scratchy Show, a cartoon within a live action show within a cartoon (Itchy & Scratchy is a cartoon on The Krusty the Clown Show,

Name Missouri's Most Populous Cities

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Previous "Name the Largest Cities" quizzes have visited such states as New York, Florida, and Washington. Today, we hit the nation's heartland: Missouri. This will be a tough one, for sure, since the lower part of the Top-10 dips into the 50,000-population range. (TWO HINTS: Three of the cities begin with the same prefix, and none of the 10 begins with the letter J.) A score of 5 or better (50 percent correct) should be considered a "win." Good luck!