7 YouTube Yule Logs

Chris Higgins

As you gather together with friends and family, why not crank up the old YouTube Yule Log?

Our Favorite Longreads of 2011

Jason English

The editors of mental_floss magazine — Mangesh, Ethan, Stephanie and Jessanne — sat around arguing about their favorite longreads of 2011 for

You Forgot Already: A 2011 Quiz

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You may remember all the big news stories as they happen, but how much did you really retain at the end of the year? We've got 14 questions about the stories of 2011 that seemed so big (or ridiculous) at the time, but may have slipped your memory by now.

Secret Santaism Is in Full Swing

Jill Harness

Last week we shared last week about a woman in Michigan paying off three random layaway tabs at her local K-Mart. As her story spread, many other people stepped up to help out local families in need.

7 Strange Christmas Traditions

Miss Cellania

A few years ago, I wrote about strange Christmas traditions like Krampus, Caga Tia, the Caganer, Mari Lwyd, Zwarte Piet, the pickle ornament, the TV Yule Log, and Christmas in Japan (which involves se

Brain Game: Santa!

Good luck with today's Think Thursday challenge at the Brain Game: What is the most populous U.S.

Morning Cup of Links: That's What She said

Miss Cellania

The world's most over-the-top Christmas decorations.

5 Questions: Last Minute "Shop"ping

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The Late Movies: Star Trek Sound Effects

Chris Higgins

I love me some Star Trek -- and I'm a TNG man through and through.

Lendle: A Book Sharing Site for Kindle Users

Chris Higgins

I recently bought a Kindle -- something I swore I'd never do.

Why Utah Loves Seagulls (but not crickets)

Jason Plautz

Drivers out West may have experienced the terror of swarming Mormon Crickets, which can overwhelm roads all at once and make streets so slick that drivers lose their grip.

5 Really Bad Food Puns

David K. Israel

I was in a silly mood one recent weekend and, er, cooked these up for you all.

12 Ways You Can Support Charities Without Donating Money

Jill Harness

Regular readers might remember our post about helping penguins victimized by the Tauranga oil spill in New Zealand by knitting tiny sweaters.

Go the F*** to the Library

Miss Kathleen

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books.

Brain Game: For Two

Today is the last day of autumn, so let's celebrate with a new Wednesday Wordplay challenge here at the Brain Game.