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Learn Math With Donald Duck

Chris Higgins

Donald in Mathmagic Land was produced by Disney in 1959 to educate kids about math.

A Globe-Trotting Whiskey Mystery: Update!

Ransom Riggs

Last May we told you about a cool treasure hunt competition that Canadian Club whiskey was putting together to find cases of whiskey hidden around the world between 1967 and 1991 -- They hid 25 ca

The Notorious B.A.B.Y.

Colin Patrick

A few years ago, the submerged newborn on Nirvana’s famous Nevermind album cover was revealed to be a Los Angeles teen by the name of Spencer Elden.

Do You Anger Bookstore Employees?

Jill Harness

Do you buy or sell books at your local used bookstore? If so, you might not know it, but the clerks might secretly hate you.

Brain Game: Math Square #67

Welcome to the Monday Math Square, a puzzle designed to get your noggin in gear to start the week.

Morning Cup of Links: Natural Sweetness

Miss Cellania

The 10 Worst Products For Men Ever Created. If they didn't kill him, they would at least undermine his confidence. Possibly NSFW.

5 Questions: Peachy Keen

Pass rate:75 %
Backwards navigation:Forbidden

Why Are Michigan's Bottle Deposits So High?

Ethan Trex

The classic Seinfeld episode “The Bottle Deposit” will be 15 years old in May.

The Number of the Day: 2

Jason English

Of the 5.9 million brackets filled out in the ESPN Tournament Challenge, only two accurately predicted the Final Four (Butler, Virginia Commonwealth, Connecticut and Kentucky). Related Fact: If UCo

Weekend Links: One-Man Disney Movie

Allison Keene

Nick Pitera may be the most talented person I've ever seen.

Weekend Links: The "Space Jam" Box Score

Allison Keene

From the Annals of Too Much Time: someone over at Deadspin has put in the effort to compile a box score for the film "Space Jam." Or as they subtitled it, "Shawn Bradley Sucked Against

Follow @mental_floss on Twitter: Amazing Facts, 140 Characters at a Time

Jason English

We're closing in on 100,000 Twitter followers. If you like quick facts and arbitrary milestones, help us reach six

The Late Movies: Animals on Piano

Miss Cellania

My kitten waits until long after everyone is retired for the night and then announces to the entire house that someone forgot to close the piano.

Ode to the Brain

Chris Higgins

"The brain is a very big place, in a very small space" -Carl Sagan, in the latest Symphony of Science song.

Manifestos Made Easy

Colin Patrick

Do you have a burning desire to start a powerful new movement, but can’t quite figure out how to concisely encapsulate your vision, ideals and goals to the world?