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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Intruder calls 911 Out of Fear Timothy James Chapek was taking a shower in Portland, Oregon, when someone came into the house.

Brain Game: Meet Barbara

Apologies for my absence yesterday; the Thursday Brain Game was eaten by the monster that's been wreaking havoc on our site. (The last month's worth should reappear on the site...

Morning Cup of Links: A Makeup List

Miss Cellania

Atlas Obscura is hosting their second annual International Obscura Day on April 9, 2011.

5 Questions: Rockin' the "Croc"s

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Something's Missing...

Jason English

You might be wondering what the heck is going on over here. Why do we think it's February 11th?

Light Heart, Dark Humor: The Man Behind The Addams Family

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Cartoonist Charles Addams was almost as bizarre as the characters he drew.

What 11 Pairs of Eyeballs Watching a Movie Looks Like

Ransom Riggs

This is not only really cool, but it has striking implications for makers of film and TV.

Little Engines That Could: A Brief History of Slot Cars

Rob Lammle

For many kids growing up in the 1960s, slot cars were a regular part of Saturday afternoons.

Time Machine

Jason English

Either our site mistakenly thinks today is February 11th or I mistakenly think today is March 10th. We're working on sorting this

The Origins of 12 Supermarket Chains

Scott Allen

From the days of home delivery to streamlined self-service stores, here are the stories behind 12 supermarket chains.1.

5 Questions: Well-Heeled

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Who Exactly Is J.D. Power?

Ethan Trex

It feels like every car commercial you see touts the vehicle’s sterling showing in a J.D. Power and Associates survey. The awards are bandied about as if their origins are common knowledge.

The Late Movies: Kinetic Typography

Chris Higgins

Kinetic Typography (“moving text”) has been around for at least half a century — movie title sequences often feature some form of moving text, and there are tons of famous examples.

The Quick 10: Happy Birthday, Barbie!

Stacy Conradt

Your Favorite Villain Strikes Back


Our favorite martian, Ray William Johnson, just put out a new music video featuring all your favorite villains. See how many you know in the funny video