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Pogue's Imponderables

Chris Higgins

New York Times technology columnist David Pogue has been keeping a list of unanswered (though not necessarily unanswerable) questions.

Sweet Talk, Day One: Snickers

Stacy Conradt

Every weekday until Halloween, I'll be offering up trivia treats about sweets you're likely to encounter on October 31st. We'll start with Snickers. 1.

Confessions of an imperfect vocabulary


Neuroscientists believe we have about 100 to 500 trillion individual synapses firing in our adult brains.

Sitcom-munication Breakdown: When Sitcoms Go Global

Kara Kovalchik

OK, I'll admit it "“ I cut my teeth on a channel selector, and the only tan I've ever gotten came from a cathode ray tube. I'm Kara, and I'm a TV addict.

10 Wild Fire Facts

Kara Kovalchik

1. Do these fires really serve a purpose? Absolutely. Fires are an important part of the ecology. In a redwood forest, for instance, a good blaze cleans out the understory.

Famous folk who killed themselves, vol. 2

Ransom Riggs

A few weeks ago, we ran through some of history's lesser-known but most fascinating suicides (which in the case of Cap'n Lawrence Oates' noble death, let's just call it a "sel

October 24, 2007

Miss Cellania

The cow-eating tree of India. Does this remind anyone else of The Little Shop of Horrors? Use Halloween candy to educate and annoy your kids.

The Analogist Is In

Jason English

The Analogist is a semi-regular feature in the spirit of traditional advice columns. But instead of dispensing advice, we tell you what your situation is like. Make sense?

When assistants bite: venom from the ground up


By now we can all probably agree that it would be unpleasant at best to wake up and find ourselves in the charge of Naomi Campbell. Or, retroactively, Leona Helmsley.

Feel Art Again: Portrait of Isabella of Portugal

Andréa Fernandes

Today marks the 549th anniversary of the birth of Isabella of Portugal, wife of Charles V, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, and Queen of Spain.

Guest Blog-star: AJ Jacobs!

AJ Jacobs

To paraphrase the late great Phil Hartman on the Simpsons, you might remember me from such mental_floss backpages as G,H,I or J.

AskOxford's Ask The Experts

Chris Higgins

While Googling some grammar questions the other day, I came across a goldmine: AskOxford's Ask the Experts page.

Tuesday Turnip

David K. Israel

Today's Turnip is a bit different than normal.

Shorts that don't suck, vol. 2

Ransom Riggs

Writing this days in advance, I can't be sure -- and will just have to assume -- that volume I of "shorts that don't suck" was an unprecedented victory for blog awesomeness, and de

In the Beginning: Do a little dance!

Mangesh Hattikudur

Who said you can't have your cake and eat it too? Our new book In the Beginning's hitting stores in little over a week, and we've got a fat slice of fact waiting for you below.