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Brain Game: 44 cents

Put on your math shoes and step right into the Friday Free-for-all challenge here at the mentalfloss.com Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Swarmanoid

Miss Cellania

Check out a gallery of the Most Famous Faked Photos.

5 Questions: Woodward Dream Cruise V: Import Autos

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The Late Movies: Guess The Theme XVII

Mark Arminio

Time for your Thursday night edition of The Late Movies, which means one thing: GUESS THE THEME! All the clips below have something in common.

Dear Slate: Bob Gale Is Locked in Our Basement

Jason English

As surprised as I was that Back to the Future co-creator Bob Gale actually responded to our question about the origin of Marty and Doc's friendship, I could not have imagined the splash his expla

The Devil Wears Headphones: A Brief History of Backmasking

Bill DeMain

A while back, I was browsing at a favorite used book shop and found a paperback called Backward Masking Unmasked.

Coming to You Live from the D23 Expo!

Stacy Conradt

You guys may have noticed that I have written a few Disney posts in the past, so it may not be too surprising that I’m headed to the D23 Expo in Anaheim this weekend.

Name the NFL's 10 Highest-Paid Players in 2011

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Tom Van Riper of Forbes has crunched the numbers and come up with a list of the NFL's highest-paid players for the 2011 season. Can you name the top ten? (Last names will suffice.) Good luck!

Whiz Kids: 5 Amazing Young Inventors

Rob Lammle

Here are the stories of four young inventors who have already made their mark on the world, and one who hopes to in the years to come. 1. Chester Greenwood: Easy on the

The Origins of Weird State Park Names (Part Two)

Miss Cellania

State Parks in the US have a delicious variety of names. Many are named after a famous citizen, or a prominent feature of the terrain. Other titles, mostly local place names, are puzzling.

Why Does the Leaning Tower of Pisa Lean?

Matt Soniak

In 1172, Donna Berta di Bernardo donated sixty silver coins to the local cathedral for the purchase of stones to be used in the base of a new bell tower. The next year, construction on the tower be

The Number of the Day: 800

Colin Patrick

The son of a major league baseball player is 800 times more likely to play in the majors than is an “average kid.” Related Fact: On September 14, 1990, Seattle Mariners Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey,

10 Landmark Moments in YouTube History

David K. Israel

I've really been getting into my Instagram app these days, exploring ways to manipulate it beyond the standard filters that come with it.

Off Book: Visual Culture Online

Chris Higgins

Off Book is a new online series from PBS Arts.

Brain Game: Ask Jessica

The name of a single U.S. city will answer today's Think Thursday challenge at the mentalfloss.com Brain Game. Good luck! The name of which U.S.