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Weekend Word Wrap: Polysemes

David K. Israel

Lately, I've had a few words/phrases on my mind that have multiple meanings, sometimes known as polysemes. It all started a couple months ago when I asked my friend about his wedding band.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

100,000 Attend Topless Biker Parade An estimated 100,000 workers in Auckland, New Zealand gathered to watch the annual "Boobs on Bikes" parade Wednesday.

LA's Rat Hoarding Horror Story

Ransom Riggs

You've all probably heard of cat hoarding -- that variant of animal hoarding suffered by Crazy Cat Ladies the world over (like this Cat Lady in Siberia, who feeds 130 in her home every day).

Brain Game: Really, Really Bad Rebus #4

We've offered three Really, Really Bad Rebuses thus far in the Brain Game series. We've yet to offer a good rebus. And guess what?

Morning Cup of Links: Absurd College Classes

Miss Cellania

5 Dubious Moments in Olympics History.

The Post-Olympic Lives of 15 Great Athletes

Ethan Trex

Olympic athletes are undoubtedly the best in the world at what they do, but unfortunately "what they do" isn't always all that lucrative once their performances start to slip and endor

How One Man Solved a "Baroque" Mystery

Chris Higgins

In 2003, Neal Stephenson's book Quicksilver hit the stands.

Ridiculous Board Game: Interpret Jenny's Cover Art

Jason English

I'm taking a break from a brainstorm about our next cover to see just how astute our readers are.

The Quick 10: 10 Most Popular Tattoo Designs

Stacy Conradt

Paul got his first tattoo last night, so I have tattoos on the brain, so to speak. I wanted to do 10 people you wouldn't expect to have tattoos, like, say, Martha Stewart or Barbara Bush.

Grover Cleveland vs. James Blaine: Yellow Journalism in a White House

the mag

During the 1880s, American politics witnessed the birth of its newest and most powerful player—journalistic sensationalism. And with it, presidential elections entered a whole new era of

Lunchtime Quiz: Lost in Translation

Jason Plautz

Watching Lost can sometimes feel like taking a university class, what with all the allusions to literature, philosophy, music, Buddhism, Christianity, politics, comic books and countless other subject

Revenge of the Esoteric Phobias (or, "Proof Our Readers are Insane")

Ransom Riggs

Earlier this week we got an overwhelming response to my post on esoteric phobias, with 108 people and counting weighing in with weird phobias of their own -- which in many cases were even more bizarre

5 Reasons to be Skeptical of Charities

Timothy Mercer

The Not-For-Profit sector of our economy pulls in a lot of money. In 2006, Americans dug deep and gave a record $295 billion to charity, roughly 2.2 percent of our collective take-home income.

8 Wacky Fall Festivals

Miss Cellania

Small town Americans love their harvest festivals. My town just finished one, so I've satisfied my jones for Polish sausage and funnel cake for another year.

Brain Game: The Good Old Days

The following didn't really happen, but pretend it did:   I was conversing with an older gentleman (yes, older than me) outside our local library recently.