Stephen Colbert and Neil deGrasse Tyson

Chris Higgins

In this eighty-four-minute video, Stephen Colbert (not doing his Colbert Report character) chats with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

12 Deliciously Different Plush Toys

Miss Cellania

Look around the world wide web if you want to get a gift that no one else will think of, with a little help from your friendly mental_floss internet scouring service.

Reader-Submitted Quiz Week Returns!

Andréa Fernandes

Here's your chance at 15 minutes of fame! All next week, we'll be running reader-submitted name-x-in-y-minutes quizzes. Think you've got a great idea for a name-x-in-y-minutes qui

Brain Game: But Not the Knicks

The NBA players and owners have finally worked out their differences, at least enough to begin an abbreviated 2011-12 season, which will get its start on Christmas Day.

Morning Cup of Links: Urinal Games

Miss Cellania

The Curse of the Demon Core. The nuclear ball killed two scientists but spared a swimming pig. * The Arab League is sanctioning Syria for violence against its protesting citizens.

5 Questions: Take a Peek at this Pike

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Backwards navigation:Forbidden

How Much Would the Twelve Days of Christmas Actually Cost?

Stacy Conradt

If you’re stumped for a gift this year and look to your favorite repetitive Christmas song for inspiration, be prepared to shell out a few clams.

The Late Movies: 60-Second Adventures in Thought

Mark Arminio

Open University is a UK-based organization that seeks to educate through distance learning, providing online content for anyone with an internet connection.

We're on Pinterest!

Andréa Fernandes

If you haven't yet heard of Pinterest, it's a relatively new site that acts as a virtual pinboard, with an emphasis on the visual.

mental_floss on NPR's Talk of the Nation

Jason English

In case you missed it last week, Research Editor and regular Kara Kovalchik was on NPR's Talk of the Nation right before Thanksgiving.

Are High-IQ People More Likely to Use Drugs?

Meghan Holohan

Mat Hayward / In 1884, a young researcher named Sigmund Freud was studying the mysteries of the human brain when he wrote an article about cocaine.

Stalin's Daughter, Who Was Living in Wisconsin, Has Died

Rob Lammle

Earlier this year, Rob Lammle discussed the life of Stalin's daughter Svetlana in a piece on famous defectors. The New York Times is reporting that she passed away last week in Wisconsin.

10 Previous Word of the Year Candidates That Didn't Catch On

Adrienne Crezo

Last week Oxford Dictionaries named "squeezed middle" the Global Word of the Year,* edging out terms like "clicktivism," "fracking" and "tiger mother." A quick

15 variations on the meaning of the word "dude"

David K. Israel

I was sort of a linguistic snob in college. I preferred big words to small, little-known words to ubiquitous, and archaic to colloquial.

"Cosmos" as Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

Chris Higgins

Accountant and Cosmos aficionado Callum Sutherland has remixed the landmark Carl Sagan documentary Cosmos into a "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" style video series called Imagination.