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10 Facts About Charlotte Brontë For Her 200th Birthday

Suzanne Raga

There’s a lot more to Brontë than "Jane Eyre."

Americans Are Eating More and More Pizza, Report Finds

Anna Green

Pizza is more than just a quick and delicious snack—it’s an unstoppable force.

Freddie Mercury's Notebook of Handwritten Lyrics Will Be Sold at Auction

Andrew LaSane

The notebook was used by the Queen frontman in the final years of his life.

5 Questions: Types of Spiders

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Backwards navigation:Forbidden

Take to the Skies with 'Stars Wars'-Themed Kites

Rebecca OConnell

Recreate Luke's X-Wing attacking the Death Star—but with kites.

10 Devious, Dated Words for Deceptions

Mark Peters

No one likes to get bamboozled, but the words for getting duped are creative and vivid.

Morning Cup of Links: Scissors on the Loose

Miss Cellania

The 4 Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

'Dept. H,' 'Divinity,' and more.

This Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Is Shaped Like the Death Star

Kirstin Fawcett

The tiny model of the galactic super-weapon spins and levitates just like the movie version.

4 Legendary Plant-Animal Hybrids

Miss Cellania

In the Middle Ages, travelers brought home tales from all over the globe of wondrous and fantastic plants and beasts—but many of these travelers were just relaying stories they’d heard instead of thin

Go Back to College for a Day With This Lecture Series

Shaunacy Ferro

A lecture series lets you enjoy the learning parts of college without the tests. Or the loans. Or the parties.

7 of the World’s Most Picturesque Places to Poop

Shaunacy Ferro

A guide to the world’s most breathtaking toilets, courtesy of Lonely Planet.

Qur’an Memorizers Who Don’t Speak Arabic Learn Grammar from Statistics Alone

Arika Okrent

People, even as babies, are good at pulling out grammatical structure from patterned data.

Name the First Word to These Movie Titles

Take the quiz!

These Cocktail-Inspired Ice Creams Are Infused With Actual Alcohol

Michele Debczak

Flavors include White Russian, Limoncello, and Blackberry Cabernet.