Morning Cup of Links


Starling Nests Make Huge Feasts for Pigs, Snakes, Insects, and Turkeys

Matt Soniak

Come one, come all.

Why Does Turkey Make You Tired?

Matt Soniak

Don't be so quick to blame tryptophan.

Artificial Intelligence Can Read Lips More Accurately Than People

Shaunacy Ferro

In a test between professional lip readers and an artificial intelligence program, the AI won—by a significant margin.

16 Fun Facts About the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Erin McCarthy

This Thursday, Macy's will send its 90th Thanksgiving Day Parade down the streets of Manhattan.

Scientists Discover Seal-Like Prehistoric Predator

Mark Mancini

The animal lived off the coast of what is now Washington state about 10 million years ago and probably fished like seals do, relying on the power of its oversized eyes to track its prey.

The Answer Starts With 'F'

There's your hint.

A Seattle Shelter Is Giving Away Free Black Cats on Black Friday

Jake Rossen

It's an animal shelter's version of a doorbuster.

The Facebook App May Be Draining Your Phone’s Battery

Kate Horowitz

Android users report a 20 percent boost in battery life after deleting the app.

15 Shimmering Questions About Glitter, Answered

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Where does glitter come from? Why does it exist? And how in the name of all that is good can you get it off the upholstery?

Searching for a McRib Sandwich? There's an App for That

Kirstin Fawcett

Ring in the holiday season with the taste of barbecue sauce on your lips.

Amazon's Monday Deals Start Black Friday Week With a Bang

Smart Shopping Team

Bose headphones, bargain Bluetooth speakers, Rachael Ray cookware, and much more

9 Famous People Supposedly Killed by Food or Drink

Claire Cock-Starkey

Don't be surprised if this makes dinner seem a little ominous.

Everything New Coming to Netflix in December

Jennifer M Wood

Between the holidays and all that vacation time you’ve got to use before you lose it, December is a wonderful time for getting cozy on the sofa and turning your day into a movie marathon.

Scientists Spy on Whale Sharks by Testing the Water They Swim In

Kate Horowitz

The new technique allows researchers to monitor the genetic health of endangered shark populations without ever touching them.

Bright Christmas: Meet the Real-Life Griswolds Behind an Incredible Holiday Light Display

Jake Rossen

Joe Drelick spends eight weeks hanging over 35,000 lights and 37 interactive displays for his Harleysville, Pennsylvania home. You're welcome.