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25 Things You Might Not Know About 'Home Alone'

Jennifer M Wood

Some fun—and painful—facts about everyone’s favorite sadistic holiday classic

17 Fascinating Facts About Nintendo Legend Shigeru Miyamoto

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The creator of Mario and Zelda is so valuable to Nintendo that the company won't allow him to bike to work.

15 Slam-Dunk Facts About 'Space Jam'

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Nearly 20 years after the sports comedy opened at the top of the U.S. box office, it’s still scoring points with fans.

15 Things You Might Not Know About Pizza Hut

Andrew LaSane

Because even after Book It, you're still eating under that red roof.

15 People Who Started Their Own Micronations

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Not satisfied with your nation? Create your own!

15 Retired Food and Drink Flavors

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We still miss at least a few of these twists on classic treats.

15 Bustling Facts About New York City

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15 Facts About Turkeys You’ll Gobble Right Up

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15 Swab-Worthy Facts About Q-Tips

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Stuck zipper? Let a Q-Tip assist.

15 Surprising Things That Are Made from Recycled Materials

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15 Adorable Facts About How Babies Learn

Shaunacy Ferro

Things that help babies learn: naps, surprise, and laughter.

15 Incredible Ways Animals Stay Warm When It's Chilly

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15 Elaborate Pop Culture–Themed Hotel Rooms

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These are some truly geeky travel destinations.

Warm Up With These 15 Heat-Sensitive Mugs

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When filled with something hot, these mugs change right before your eyes.

15 Brilliant Tips to Make Your Thanksgiving Road Trip a Breeze

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