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Get Your Shovel: A Big Storm Will Stun the Southeast Tonight

Dennis Mersereau

The storm could produce amounts of snow this region only sees once or twice a decade.

A 'Toilet Revolution' Is Coming to Public Bathrooms in China

Shaunacy Ferro

The country's $290 billion tourism investment will include 100,000 new and upgraded public toilets.

Alexa Now Offers Voice-Controlled Food Delivery From Amazon Restaurants

Jay Serafino

"Alexa, get me a pizza."

You Will Want to See Friday's Best Amazon Deals

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...

5 Strange News Stories From This Week

Miss Cellania

Odd stories from all over.

Could Living Near a Highway Increase Your Risk of Dementia?

Jay Serafino

According to a Canadian study, living near a busy roadway could increase your chances of developing dementia.

No Sh*t: People Who Swear More May Also Be More Honest, Study Says

Jennifer M Wood

No, we’re not f*cking lying.

Border Control Agencies May One Day Use AI to Detect Travelers’ Lies

Shaunacy Ferro

If you lie about that fruit you’ve brought back from another country, AVATAR will call you out on it.

10 Events Correctly Predicted by 'The Simpsons'

Jake Rossen

Matt Groening's animated family has demonstrated an uncanny ability to see into the future.

Someone Is Strategically Placing Poems Around a British Supermarket

Michele Debczak

The verse-loving perp left the poem "Deer" in the meat section atop some venison.

Lou Hoover: A Lady of Firsts

Sarah Laskow

The wife of the president was just that—until a gun-toting geologist named Lou Hoover moved into the East Wing.

25 Words Turning 25 in 2017

Arika Okrent

Is Ben & Jerry's Making a New Bourbon-Flavored Ice Cream?

Rebecca OConnell

All signs point to yes.