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How Farmers Are Using Falcons to Protect Crops

Anna Green

Farmers have discovered a new method to frighten off small birds: bigger birds.

America's 11 Best Barbecue Cities (and Where to Eat There)

Suzanne Raga

From Austin to KC to Charleston, these cities have more than their fair share of real-deal smokehouses.

Artist Saul Bass On What It Was Like to Storyboard ‘Psycho’

Anna Green

A short interview with graphic artist Saul Bass, who created the storyboards for Hitchcock's classic thriller.

Cradle Your Cat and Stay Cool With The Mewgaroo

Andrew LaSane

The hoodie is now available in a sleeveless style for the summer.

5 Questions: The Happy Hollisters

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Watch Spray Paint Cans Get Hit With a Sledgehammer in Slow Motion

Rebecca OConnell

And an axe and a BB gun for good measure.

7 Tips For Planning a Vacation That’s Off the Beaten Path

Anna Green

Making travel plans that are truly personal requires more effort than pitching your beach umbrella beside your lounge chair.

Morning Cup of Links: The Shark Week Filter

Miss Cellania

Check out these great links!

10 Times Correlation Was Not Causation

Maggie Koerth-Baker the mag

Birds Steal Scottish Skinny Dippers' Underwear to Line Their Nests

Kirstin Fawcett

The dastardly thieves target socks and underwear.

The Highest-Resolution Thermal Images of Jupiter Yet

Shaunacy Ferro

In advance of the arrival of NASA’s Juno spacecraft at Jupiter on July 4, scientists have released incredible new images of the planet.

7 Tips for Dealing with a New Boss

Presented by Allstate.

Researchers Recommend at Least 30 Minutes of Nature Time Per Week

Kate Horowitz

A study of more than 1500 Australians concluded that 30 minutes was the minimum dose required to reap the health benefits of time in nature.

Watch NASA's Upcoming Booster Rocket Test Live Tomorrow Morning

Andrew LaSane

The booster will not be fired again until test flights in 2018.

10 Services You Never Knew You Needed

the mag