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CPAs Reveal 9 Tips for Filing Your Taxes

Suzanne Raga

Getting your taxes done doesn’t have to be a horribly arduous, taxing (pun intended) experience.

Meet the Mysterious Deep Sea Creature That Looks Like An Old Sock

Anna Green

Scientists have been trying to figure out the origins of the Xenoturbella, which looks like an old purple sock, for six decades.

Michelangelo Likely Had Arthritis, Researchers Say

Andrew LaSane

His work may have caused joint inflammation in the artist's later years.

Confuse Your Friends With an Upside Down Wine Glass

Alvin Ward

Because normal wine glasses are boring.

Time for Some Mental Hygiene: It's the mental_floss Weekly Puzzle

6 Beautiful Photos of Impact Craters—Where Space Rocks Met Earth

David W Brown

El’gygytgyn might sound like the name of Cthulhu's kid brother, but it's actually an impact crater on the Chukotka peninsula in Russia.

21 Super Facts About the Carolina Panthers

Mark Mancini

There's a hidden symbol in their logo.

'Pet Pantries' Are Helping Owners Keep Their Beloved Animals

Kirstin Fawcett

These community organizations provide free or low-cost supplies and food.

Japanese Designers Have Developed a Chair You Can Wear

Michele Debczak

It's designed to provided relief to surgeons during long operations.

14 Bowl Competitions to Look For if Football’s Not For You

Arika Okrent

Are you ready for some Ethics? World Geography? Data Science?

New York City's Other Subway

Erin Blakemore

This stranger-than-fiction saga involves a secret dig, a massive success, and unheard-of political corruption.

10 Apps to Organize Your Life

Sara Morrow

Turn your go-to device into an all-around assistant for #adulting.

Lab-Grown Meat Could Be in Stores Within Five Years

Anna Green

We could all be biting into burgers grown in a lab within the next five years according to a company called Memphis Meats.

The Only Recording of Super Bowl I Is Collecting Dust in Storage

Michele Debczak

According to the owner, the NFL refuses to buy it.

12 Bizarre Fast Food Pizzas from Around the World

Rudie Obias

Who needs hot dogs and pizza when you can get hot dogs in pizza?