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Sell Your Home Faster With These 9 Tips

Danielle Braff

Experts share their secrets for getting your house off the market, stat.

Stephen King Wrote a Real-Life Version of a Book From The Dark Tower Series

Rebecca OConnell

Perfect for Stephen King fans—or just children you want to traumatize.

Look Up Tonight! The Northern Lights Will Put on a Stunning Show

Michele Debczak

The light show might be visible as far south as Pennsylvania.

Who Wrote History's First Blurb?

Kirstin Fawcett

And how did they get that name?

KFC Food Scientists Unveil the Chizza, a Chicken-Pizza Mashup

Jake Rossen

It's chicken. It's pizza. It's probably not all that good for you.

10 Pieces of U.S. Virgin Islands Slang You Should Be Using

Presented by U.S. Virgin Islands.

Singapore to Launch a Giant Island of Floating Solar Panels

Shaunacy Ferro

The world's largest test bed of floating solar panels is due to be operational by the end of the year.

Scientists Pinpoint When and Where HIV Arrived in the U.S.

Kate Horowitz

So-called "Patient Zero" was not, in fact, the first person in North America to contract the virus.

These Jobs Saw the Biggest Pay Increases from 2015 to 2016

Michele Debczak

Positions in marketing, sales, and healthcare all made the list.

Arlington National Cemetery Bans Bikes And Pets

Kirstin Fawcett

Service animals and working military dogs are still permitted, as are authorized visitors on bicycles.

Read the Ghost Story Anthology That Inspired Three Classic Scary Stories

Rebecca OConnell

When looking for inspiration for spooky tales to tell this Halloween, it never hurts to draw from the classics.

You've Got to See Wednesday's Top Amazon Deals

Smart Shopping Team

As a recurring feature, our team combs the Web and shares some amazing Amazon deals we’ve turned up. Here’s what caught our eye today, October 26.

Guided by Voices: 6 Books Supposedly Written by Ghosts

Claire Voon

The spirits sure have a lot to share with us.

Pick the Correct Word for Each Definition

You can do this.

A Graveyard Smash: Bobby Pickett, The Man Behind the 'Monster Mash'

Colin Gorenstein

Just like the Halloween monsters Pickett lampooned in his songs, "Monster Mash" returns from the dead year after year.