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Watch This Tortoise Reign Over Its 'Jurassic Park' Habitat

Andrew LaSane

A fan of the film recreated the theme park to give his pet a new home.

Science Explains Why Your Lab Is Always Hungry

Kate Horowitz

A gene variant associated with appetite and obesity has been found in several Labrador retriever breeds.

13 Fashions Born on the Battlefield

Maureen Monahan

Civilian fashion has been borrowing from soldiers’ uniforms for centuries.

The Rock Made an Alarm Clock App to Motivate You in the Morning

Shaunacy Ferro

Let Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s motivational messages lift you out of bed.

Scientists Explain Why Even the “Biggest Losers” Regain Lost Weight

Kate Horowitz

All the willpower in the world can’t change the way your body processes calories.

10 Classrooms (Almost) Too Cool for School

Jake Rossen

Fact: Test scores improve when your teacher is dressed like a Starfleet Commander.

The Story Behind “Frankie and Johnny”

Miss Cellania

The true story behind the popular American murder ballad.

14 Big Facts About ‘Dallas’

Garin Pirnia

When J.R. got shot, the nighttime soap opera turned into a worldwide phenomenon.

How Do Dogs Drink Water?

Nick Greene

It's loud and sometimes messy, but it gets the job done.

This Stunning 'Glass Gem Corn' Is Bred and Grown From Heritage Seeds

Michele Debczak

There's nothing artificial about these technicolor veggies.

Judy Garland’s Hologram Is Going On Tour

Caitlin Schneider

It's not just Tupac's thing anymore.

12 Flexible Facts About 'Twister' for Its 50th Birthday

Jake Rossen

It took Eva Gabor and Johnny Carson only a few minutes to sell 3 million boxes of the game.

Go Behind the Scenes With Hollywood's Monster Creators

Anna Green

Meet the mad geniuses behind some of the most terrifying, bizarre, and iconic movie monsters.

Gouda News: The United States Is Overflowing With Cheese

Andrew LaSane

Hope you're hungry: We've got 1.2 billion pounds to get through.

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