Morning Cup of Links


How 'Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer' Became a Holiday Staple

Kenneth Partridge

The song embraced a darker, more humorous side of the holiday. Plus, the singer knew how to hustle.

‘Greenery’ Is Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year

Michele Debczak

It's meant to symbolize renewal "amid a complex social and political landscape.”

You Need to See Thursday's 12 Days of Deals Amazon Bargains

Smart Shopping Team

Amazon keeps bringing the heat in its 12 Days of Deals.

This Medical Gun Treats Burns With the Patient's Own Skin Cells

Jake Rossen

A newly patented device could prove to be a painless alternative to grafting for burn victims.

13 Vindictive Krampus Gifts to Give Naughty Loved Ones

Rebecca OConnell

Nothing say "Happy Holidays" like an anthropomorphic goat demon who smacks children with birch branches.

'Stranger Things' Mania Leads to Holiday Light Shortage at British Chain

Michele Debczak

B&Q’s inventory of multicolored LED string lights is already down 90 percent.

Jamming with the Boston Typewriter Orchestra

Jake Rossen

The New England band uses old manual typewriters to make sweet music.

ASL 'Polar Express' Shows Off Developing Language Skills

Arika Okrent

We've been watching Shaylee's storytelling skills develop for a few years now.

13 Crowning Facts About 'Princess Mononoke'

Kristin Hunt

Go behind the scenes of the movie that made Hayao Miyazaki a household name around the world.

13 Incredible Facts About Patagonia

Presented by HISTORY.

This Mini Speaker May Be the World’s Most Compact Record Player

Michele Debczak

All you need to start listening is a flat surface and a good record.

The 31 Most Interesting Comics of 2016

Rich Barrett

It’s that time again!

Surround Yourself With 'Hatching' Egg Candles

Rebecca OConnell

With this deal, you can become the proud parent of both a dino *and* a dragon.

11 Brilliant Gifts $10 and Under

Kaitlin Stainbrook

This year, rock Secret Santa with ease.

Morning Cup of Links: The Accents of Fantasy Characters

Miss Cellania

Start your day with some great links!