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How Interior Paint Choices Affect Your Home's Property Value

Andrew LaSane

A fresh coat of paint might equal more money in the bank.

How the Rescued Film Project Preserves America’s Lost and Forgotten Photos

Anna Green

The Rescued Film Project's mission is simple: To leave no roll of film undeveloped.

Syrian Refugee Finds $166,000 in a Wardrobe, Turns Money In to German Authorities

Kirstin Fawcett

The man, known only as Muhannad M., said it was against Islam to keep the cash.

Lyft Is Giving Fans the Chance to Ride Around in the Ecto-1 Car From 'Ghostbusters'

Rebecca OConnell

Who you gonna call? No one, because Lyft lets you do it all on the app.

11 Real Facts About 'A.I. Artificial Intelligence'

Roger Cormier

Stanley Kubrick wanted to go "all the way" with Gigolo Joe. But Spielberg didn't want an R-rated version of the touching "Pinocchio" epic.

Why Do I Sometimes Get 'Brain Freeze' From Eating Ice Cream?

Autumn Spanne

Your body and brain are trying to figure out what to do about all that icy cold stuff you just swallowed.

Kellogg to Open Cereal Bar and Cafe in NYC

Rudie Obias

The cafe will feature 10 milk-based and ice cream-based creations.

The Best Cities in America to Spend Your Retirement

Andrew LaSane

From weather to culture to cost of living, these are the places to be.

Lip Reading Potentially Reveals 'Game of Thrones' Character's Real Name

Andrew LaSane

Someone claims to have solved the mystery of the season finale whisper.

There's No Such Thing as 'the Temperature in the Shade'

Dennis Mersereau

That's just the actual air temperature.

The Missing Links: The Last Surviving Lincoln Assassination Witness Appeared On A Game Show

Colin Patrick

Archaeologists Discover Holocaust Escape Tunnel in Lithuania

Shaunacy Ferro

For years, historians have known that Jewish workers escaped the Nazi massacres at Ponar, but not where their tunnel was located.

How Do Contestants Collect Prizes on 'The Price is Right'?

Jake Rossen

There's a reason some winners refuse their vacations and brand new cars.

Crystal Pepsi Is Headed Back to Stores

Jake Rossen

$1.79 will buy you 20 ounces of your childhood back.

Your Next Password Might Be a Selfie

Shaunacy Ferro

A new service will use your face to unlock your apps.