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Morning Cup of Links


Why Science Labs Use Cone-Shaped Flasks

Kate Horowitz

Richard August Carl Emil Erlenmeyer made numerous important discoveries, but he’s best remembered for designing the conical flask that bears his name.

Get No-Effort Home-Brewed Beer With This Automated System

Shaunacy Ferro

The iGulu automated home brewery is the Crock-Pot of homemade beer.

U.S. Apartments Are Getting Smaller

Shaunacy Ferro

New apartments have been shrinking over the past decade.

Upgrade Your Thermostat and Save Money with This Nest Bargain

Smart Shopping Team

Want to be a little greener and save some money on your heating and cooling bills while keeping your home more comfortable than ever?

11 Refreshing Facts about Gelato

Suzanne Raga

It has less fat and more flavor than ice cream.

The Missing Links: Things are Actually Getting Better, Explained in Graphs

Colin Patrick

Why Is Lined Paper Called 'College Ruled'?

Mark Mancini

There are many different types of lined notebook paper. To help tell them apart, you might have to break out a ruler.

Their Family Business: When Tom Hanks Is Busy, His Brother Steps In

Andrew LaSane

A similar tone of voice isn't all the siblings share.

What Are the Chances of Landing Your Dream Job?

Shaunacy Ferro

Spoiler alert: you're probably not going to become a pro basketball player.

5 Magical Facts About Ilvermorny, North America's Wizarding School

Erin McCarthy

Accio facts!

The 'Game of Thrones' Opening Credits Easter Egg You Might Have Missed

Andrew LaSane

The season finale included objects we've been seeing since the beginning.

Tracking Germs on Public Transit Could Help Predict Epidemics

Kate Horowitz

Researchers analyzing subway cars and ticket machines were surprised to find low numbers of harmful microbes.

Amazon Launches Online Education Portal for Teachers

Jake Rossen

The site will soon be offering lesson plans and worksheets for K-12 teachers—for free.

Scientists Get Closer to a Zika Vaccine

Tara Smith

We’re one step closer to protecting vulnerable individuals against the virus.