Correct Your Posture With a Device That Tells You to Sit Up Straight

Kirstin Fawcett

Poze is a tiny sensor that monitors the angle of your back’s position, and buzzes you when you slouch.

11 Geeky Holiday Decorations

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Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like honoring your fandom.

Our Poor Sleep Habits Cost the Economy Billions Each Year

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Sleep-deprivation hurts more than just yourself.

Nintendo Theme Parks to Power Up in Orlando, Hollywood, and Osaka

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You'll soon be able to hit giant blocks with your very own head.

Belgian Beer Makes the Cut for UNESCO's Cultural Heritage List

Kirstin Fawcett

We'll toast this decision.

62 Years Ago Today, Ann Hodges Was Hit by a Meteorite

Kate Horowitz

Hodges survived with mild injuries, but the offending space rock would still manage to mar the rest of her life.

7 Ways to Have a Frugal Holiday (Without Feeling Like a Scrooge)

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Soak up every bit of the holiday celebration while sticking to your budget.

Drought Continues to Plague the Southeast

Dennis Mersereau

The drought grows worse with each passing day, straining local water resources and stressing nature to its breaking point.

10 Sailor-Related Terms That Were Lost at Sea

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Here’s a sampling of terms that went overboard. Be their lexical lifeboat.

Amazon is Running Deals for Your Favorite LEGO Maniac

Smart Shopping Team

Pop culture LEGO sets are a bargain during Cyber Week.

What Flavor Is Juicy Fruit Gum?

Stacy Conradt

Here's what we do know: It's delicious—for about 20 seconds.

The Only Footage of Mark Twain in Existence

Lucas Reilly

Thomas Edison once said, “An average American loves his family. If he has any love left over for some other person, he generally selects Mark Twain."

We're So Close to Eradicating Guinea Worm Disease—But There's Been a Setback

Tara Smith

Thirty years ago, there were 3.5 million Guinea worm infections per year. In 2016, there have been 19.

Our Early Human Ancestor ‘Lucy’ Spent Plenty of Time in the Trees

Kate Horowitz

Researchers say her 3.2-million-year-old remains include heavily built arms and weaker legs like those of tree-dwelling chimpanzees.

15 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Auto Mechanics

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They're pretty tired of you wiping boogers on the car seat.