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The 'Game of Thrones' Opening Credits Easter Egg You Might Have Missed

Andrew LaSane

The season finale included objects we've been seeing since the beginning.

Tracking Germs on Public Transit Could Help Predict Epidemics

Kate Horowitz

Researchers analyzing subway cars and ticket machines were surprised to find low numbers of harmful microbes.

Amazon Launches Online Education Portal for Teachers

Jake Rossen

The site will soon be offering lesson plans and worksheets for K-12 teachers—for free.

Scientists Get Closer to a Zika Vaccine

Tara Smith

We’re one step closer to protecting vulnerable individuals against the virus.

Check Out Today's Biggest Amazon Bargains

Smart Shopping Team

As a recurring feature, our team combs the Web and shares some amazing Amazon deals we’ve turned up. Here’s what caught our eye today, June 28.

15 Unusual Pieces of Glassware to Impress Your Guests

Alvin Ward

Fun glasses for quirky people.

Sweden is Testing Out an Electric Highway For Trucks

Anna Green

Sweden is developing out an electric highway—or eHighway—that lets hybrid trucks run on electricity.

Could Artificial Bones One Day Replace Steel?

Michele Debczak

Bones created in a lab could provide a low-carbon alternative.

This Lithuanian Goat Pageant Is the Most Joyous Thing We’ve Seen Today

Kate Horowitz

“It’s as if we were in a fairy tale,” said one pageant attendee.

12 Surprising Facts About Mel Brooks

Mark Mancini

The legendary funnyman and filmmaker turns 90 years old today.

Scientists May Have Discovered How Dogs Sniff Out Hypoglycemia

Anna Green

Researchers found that isoprene, a chemical commonly found in human breath, increased sharply during hypoglycemic episodes.

Watch 60 Years of Video Game Controllers in 60 Seconds

Michele Debczak

There are a few you may not recognize between Atari and Oculus.

How Farmers Are Using Falcons to Protect Crops

Anna Green

Farmers have discovered a new method to frighten off small birds: bigger birds.

America's 11 Best Barbecue Cities (and Where to Eat There)

Suzanne Raga

From Austin to KC to Charleston, these cities have more than their fair share of real-deal smokehouses.

Artist Saul Bass On What It Was Like to Storyboard ‘Psycho’

Anna Green

A short interview with graphic artist Saul Bass, who created the storyboards for Hitchcock's classic thriller.