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Morning Cup of Links


Where Are They Now? 10 Key Players in The O.J. Simpson Trial

Jennifer M Wood

Recalling the boldfaced names of the trial of the century.

This Manhattan Office Building Will Have Green Space on Every Floor

Michele Debczak

The Spiral will extend "the High Line to the skyline."

Astronomers Discover 883 Hidden Galaxies Behind the Milky Way

Andrew LaSane

The galaxies are located 250 million light-years away in the Zone of Avoidance.

Ticks' DNA Data May Someday Help Us Control Them

Kate Horowitz

For such a small animal, the deer tick has a genome that was surprisingly hard to unravel.

6 Nonexistent People Who Were Nominated for Oscars

Stacy Conradt

It’s hard enough to get nominated for an Academy Award as a living person. It’s even harder to be nominated when you don’t actually exist.

This Interactive Map Lets You Explore Locations From Your Favorite Books

Anna Green

Placing Literature is a crowdsourced website dedicated to mapping the geographies of books.

Watch This Time-Lapse of a Bridge Being Built Over the St. Croix River

Michele Debczak

Here's what goes into building a technical marvel.

Popular Cover Songs Visualized as Solar Systems

Shaunacy Ferro

Galaxy of Covers, an interactive visualization by the design firm Interactive Things, charts just how popular certain cover songs are.

12 Delicious Products to Celebrate Pancake Day

Rebecca OConnell

February 9 is Pancake Day!

The Missing Links: Why Your Brain Can Read This

Colin Patrick

Häagen-Dazs Sounds Fancy, But What Does It Really Mean?

Jeff Wells

The premium ice cream brand was born not in an Alpine village, but in the Bronx.

Listen to This Experimental Music Created by 40,000 Bees

Andrew LaSane

"The first time you lift them out there’s this incredible, visceral hum."

10 Top-of-the-Line Brand Museums

Christine Colby

Whether your passion is classic cars, tractors, chocolate, or beer, there's probably a museum dedicated to your favorite brand.

Google Is Giving Away 2 GB of Storage for Free Today

Shaunacy Ferro

All you have to do is review your security settings.

'Where's Warhol?' Puts an Artsy Twist on the Classic Children's Book

Andrew LaSane

Find the Pop Art legend in scenes throughout art history.