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Morning Cup of Links


5 Ways Companies Have Tried to Engineer Happiness

Gili Malinsky

When retail therapy is taken too literally.

Why Midcentury Lawyers Spent 12 Years Arguing About Peanut Butter

9 Unexpected Pop Culture Valentines

Miss Cellania

A valentine for any fandom, no matter how weird.

Panda Bear Toast Will Make Your Breakfast Dreams Come True

Shaunacy Ferro

You may not have known that you needed this, but you definitely need this.

Research Suggests Horses Can Read Human Expressions

Kate Horowitz

Looking at pictures of angry human faces made horses visibly wary and increased their heart rates.

Google’s ‘Unprintable’ E-Books Are Stories With Which You Can Interact

Michele Debczak

These books truly embrace their medium.

This Coen Brothers Supercut Showcases Their Distinct Style

Anna Green

Drawing connections between their earliest films and their most recent, the video is a crash course in the Coen brothers’ oeuvre, and a thoroughly amusing tribute to their work.

Scientists Are Developing An IQ Test For Dogs

Anna Green

Like a human IQ test, the test will pose a series of challenges designed to measure canine problem-solving abilities.

Decoding the Yoga Schedule: What to Expect from 9 Common Class Types

Kat Rosenfield

How hot is a "hot yoga" class?

Where Are They Now? 10 Key Players in The O.J. Simpson Trial

Jennifer M Wood

Recalling the boldfaced names of the trial of the century.

This Manhattan Office Building Will Have Green Space on Every Floor

Michele Debczak

The Spiral will extend "the High Line to the skyline."

Astronomers Discover 883 Hidden Galaxies Behind the Milky Way

Andrew LaSane

The galaxies are located 250 million light-years away in the Zone of Avoidance.

Ticks' DNA Data May Someday Help Us Control Them

Kate Horowitz

For such a small animal, the deer tick has a genome that was surprisingly hard to unravel.

6 Nonexistent People Who Were Nominated for Oscars

Stacy Conradt

It’s hard enough to get nominated for an Academy Award as a living person. It’s even harder to be nominated when you don’t actually exist.

This Interactive Map Lets You Explore Locations From Your Favorite Books

Anna Green

Placing Literature is a crowdsourced website dedicated to mapping the geographies of books.