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WWI Centennial


13 Movies That Almost Starred Ben Stiller

Roger Cormier

The 'Zoolander' star is turning 50 today!

Spider Webs Are Chock Full of DNA from Devoured Insects

Shaunacy Ferro

A new study on the genetic material from spider webs finds that there’s more to them than we'd once thought.

The History and Science Behind Expandable Water Toys (a.k.a. Grow Monsters)

Suzanne Raga

The superabsorbent polymers inside them were originally invented to help soil conserve water.

This Laptop for Kids Includes Interchangeable, Upgradable Hardware

Michele Debczak

The Infinity laptop encourages kids to repair and assemble it themselves.

25 Fine Facts About Kentucky

Jeff Wells

13. You can thank Patty Hill, a resident of the Bluegrass State, the next time you launch into "Happy Birthday."

The Missing Links: Amazon's Delivery Drone In Action

Colin Patrick

Name the Two-Letter Postal Abbreviations for Each State

Take the quiz!

Why These Cars Looked Like They Were Levitating on Video

Kirstin Fawcett

The mysterious phenomenon has a simple explanation.

11 Species Surprisingly Close to Extinction

Presented by Discovery.

Slick App Reveals All the Invisible Data Signals Around You

Shaunacy Ferro

The Architecture of Radio visualizes invisible signals from cell towers, satellites, and radio networks.

What Was the World's First Internet Purchase?

Kirstin Fawcett

Weed, a CD, a pizza, and groceries were the likely candidates.

A Visual Guide to Eating Sushi in Japan

Michele Debczak

Avoid a major sushi faux pas during your next trip to Japan.

9 Floppy Facts About Basset Hounds

Rebecca OConnell

Don't let their droopy looks fool you: There's more to this noble breed than meets the eye.

Caresse Crosby, Brazen Inventor of the Brassiere

Kristy Puchko

Changing the shape of the modern woman was just the beginning.

See How Yearbook Photos Have Evolved Over the Past Century

Michele Debczak

Nearly 40,000 yearbook pictures, some dating back to 1905, show us how everything from smiles to hairstyles have changed.