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15 Animal Names That Can Be Used As Verbs

Paul Anthony Jones

From turtles to tigers, you can drop any one of these 15 creatures into your everyday conversation.

‘Fat Brad’ Cookbook Provides Recipes For All of Brad Pitt’s Movie Meals

Anna Green

If he's always going to be eating in front of us, we might as well join in the fun.

A Family Scrapbook May Have Unearthed KFC's Secret Recipe

Jake Rossen

The Colonel's secret is out.

Take a Peek Inside Chicago's 'Saved by the Bell' Diner

What was meant to be a short-lived ode to The Max from Saved by the Bell has turned into one of Chicago's most popular eateries.

Grave Sightings: Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr.

Stacy Conradt

Explorer William Clark's grandson contributed quite a bit to American culture—especially if you like horse racing.

Cooperative Living May Speed Up Ant Evolution

Kate Horowitz

Researchers say pressure to keep up with plant partners could have caused mutualist species to evolve faster than their generalist kin.

10 Fantastic Political TV Shows You Can Stream Right Now

Chuck Tryon

With the frenzy of the 2016 election on full display, it’s an ideal time to take a break from cable news and revisit some of the great fictional political TV shows instead.

The Octobot Is Soft, Autonomous, and Stinkin’ Adorable

Kate Horowitz

The little bot is the first all-soft robot to run entirely on its own power.

An Italian Ghost Town Will Host the Hide-and-Seek World Championship

Michele Debczak

The abandoned village was meant to be Italy’s Las Vegas.

A Rabbit Cafe Just Opened in Hong Kong

Anna Green

This may be even cuter than a cat cafe.

13 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Park Rangers

Caitlin Schneider

Don't be a "Code W."

Phone Repair Shop Opens in London Phone Booth

Anna Green

A company called Lovefone is opening smartphone repair shops in UK phone booths.

Why Queen Elizabeth II Almost Wasn't Queen at All

Mental Floss UK

She's one of history's most popular British rulers, but she very nearly missed the gig.

SEGA Has Been Hiding a Secret Message on Their Claw Game Bags

Rebecca OConnell

One eagle-eyed player noticed this hidden code.

Beavers on the Moon: The Great Astronomy Hoax of 1835

Jake Rossen

New York's 'Sun' newspaper confirmed there was life on the lunar surface, including bat-people. And readers believed it.