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Artist Creates Elaborate Baroque Wigs Entirely Out of Paper

Caitlin Schneider

Even Marie Antoinette couldn't compete with these gorgeous productions.

5 Money Moves to Make ASAP If You Lose Your Job

Kate Rockwood

Losing your job doesn’t have to spell financial ruin (or a diet of ramen noodles).

Watch A Young David Lynch Talk About 'Eraserhead'

Anna Green

UCLA students interview David Lynch in the oil fields in West Hollywood where 'Eraserhead' was filmed.

Create a Personal Movie Theater Out of This Cardboard Box

Andrew LaSane

The product turns your smartphone into a solo theater screen.

Watch an Artist Create a Sculpture With Drywall

Rebecca OConnell

Watching Bernie Mitchell create elaborate sculptures with drywall is surprisingly relaxing.

12 Facts About Brian Jacques and the Redwall Series

Janet Burns

The realm of Brian Jacques’ Redwall series was a huge place for both heroic woodland creatures and avid young readers alike

21 Super Facts About the Denver Broncos

Mark Mancini

Denver's current mayor will be rooting for the Broncos—after all, he used to be their mascot.

Infographic: The Dos and Don'ts of Creativity

Kirstin Fawcett

You can prime your brain for creativity by adapting—and ditching—a few simple habits

The 6 Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

'Spider-man,' 'Black,' and more.

This Artist Makes Stunning Bird Sculptures From Paper and Wood

Michele Debczak

Inspiration struck while he was working on a children's book.

6 Smart Ways to Get More Protein in Your Diet

Kat Rosenfield

You don't need to scarf down chicken cutlets every hour in order to get more protein in your diet—just make these simple switches.

This Brilliant Generator Matches 'Simpsons' Quotes With Stills

Rebecca OConnell

A perfectly cromulent way to search for 'Simpsons' stills.

Researchers Have Figured Out What Makes Some Peppers So Spicy

Anna Green

It all depends on where the heat lives.

This App Deletes Your Work If You Stop Writing

Michele Debczak

Force yourself into a flow state to increase your productivity.

New 'Monster' Daddy Longlegs Discovered in Oregon

Andrew LaSane

Spoiler: The term "monster" is a bit of a misnomer.