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Villagers in India Knit Giant Sweaters for Rescued Elephants

Kirstin Fawcett

Snug, and stylish to boot.

14 Facts About 'Where's Waldo?'

Jay Serafino

The bespectacled world traveler has been hunted down by eagle-eyed fans since 1987.

Using This Browser Setting Leaves You Vulnerable to Hackers

Michele Debczak

This scam finds a sneaky way to steal credit card info.

Watch a Fan Trailer for 'Singin’ in the Rain' Set to the Music of 'La La Land'

Michele Debczak

The hit musicals fit together amazingly well.

Kick Off the Weekend With These Amazing Amazon Deals

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...

10 Dinner Party Entrees You Can Make for Under $20

Kate Rockwood

Don't sacrifice your social calendar in order to stick to your budget. These delicious dishes don't require deep pockets.

What’s the Story Behind This Superman Comic?

Lucas Reilly

The history of a nationwide tolerance movement and the government officials who just couldn’t tolerate it.

The Top-Secret Inauguration of Rutherford B. Hayes

Jake Rossen

The March 5, 1877 inauguration of Hayes was merely for show. Though the public didn't know it, he was already their president.

5 Elements of a Great Joke

Shaunacy Ferro

See a breakdown of how a master comedian like Louis C.K. puts together a joke.

When—and How—to Say 'No' at Work

Kirstin Fawcett

Don't be scared to turn down assignments you're too time-strapped to satisfactorily complete.

Replace Your Inspirational Posters With Retro Patent Prints

Michele Debczak

A reminder that even the biggest success stories had humble beginnings.

Wander the Virtual Halls of One of the World's Largest Prison Museums

Shaunacy Ferro

Denmark's Horsen State Prison closed in 2006.

Make Your Own Knit Unicorn Trophy

Rebecca OConnell

Why hunt when you can knit?