'The New York Times' Will Print an All-Puzzle Section for the Holidays

Shaunacy Ferro

The one-time feature will contain 30 different puzzles.

Anatomy of a Resume: 9 Tips for Making Yours Stand Out

Presented by Allstate.

From Bondage to Brains: A Cultural History of Zombies

Janet Burns

Whether you’re deeply invested in their modern lore or roll your eyes at the mere thought of undead fever, there’s no denying it: zombies have infiltrated pop culture.

The First (And Last) Serious Challenge to the Electoral College System

Adrienne Crezo

No election cycle would be complete without a debate over whether or not the Electoral College should be abolished.

Wisconsin Mall Features Santa Who Can Sign

Arika Okrent

Deaf kids who visit the Regency Mall in Racine, Wisconsin, this year will have a chance to tell Santa what they want directly.

Paris Plans to Sell Love Locks and Donate the Proceeds to Refugee Groups

Kirstin Fawcett

Around 11 tons of locks cut from the city's bridges will be sold to members of the public in 2017.

Johnny Depp and David Lynch Help Teen with Cancer Make a Horror Film

Kirstin Fawcett

"The Black Ghiandol" features love, heartbreak, and zombies.

8 Tips for Dealing with Pushy Salespeople

Suzanne Raga

Although most salespeople don’t try to intimidate or manipulate you into buying items you neither need nor want, it helps to know how to handle the ones that do.

Vinyl Record Sales Surpassed Digital Downloads in the UK for the First Time

Kirstin Fawcett

Looks like music lovers still appreciate the beauty of the B-side.

Watch a Live Stream of Sunken Pearl Harbor Subs for the 75th Anniversary

Michele Debczak

On the morning of December 7, NOAA will live stream a piece of history.

Quiz: Commonly Misspelled Words

Can you pick out the words that are spelled correctly?

11 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Holiday Window Display Designers

Danielle Braff

Yes, they individually arrange every single light.

Learn to Say No by Using 'Don’t' Instead of 'Can’t'

Shaunacy Ferro

Whatever the temptation is, saying "I don't" can empower you to stay true to your goals.

Tiny Shrimp Are the Bees of the Sea

Kate Horowitz

Scientists observed swarms of minuscule marine critters pollinating sea grass in the Caribbean.

Chimps Recognize Butts the Way Humans Recognize Faces

Jake Rossen

To a chimp, no two butts are alike.