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The Delightful Toys of an 80-Year-Old Japanese Craftsman

Bess Lovejoy

These old-school spinning tops are designed to make you giggle.

Apple Debuts Patriotic Apple Watch Bands for the Olympics

Andrew LaSane

The nylon bands have been designed in the colors of 14 competing nations.

11 Illuminating Facts About Thomas Kinkade

Emily Becker

The "Painter of Light" was reported to be the most popular commercial artist in America.

Online Database Breaks Down the Power of the World’s Passports

Michele Debczak

Not all passports are created equal.

15 Fascinating Facts About ‘The Wicker Man’

Jane Rose

Some fun facts about one of cinema’s greatest pagan horror musicals.

Officially Licensed 'Star Wars' Drones Have Landed

Andrew LaSane

The detailed quadcopter drones feature lasers and can fly at speeds of up to 50 mph.

Here's How Much Space $1500 Per Month Gets You in 30 Cities

Anna Green

Rent Cafe created a nifty infographic to show just how far your rent goes in 30 major cities across the United States.

Show & Tell: Hair Jewelry Celebrating a Presidential Friendship

Cassandra Good

In the early 1800s, John and Abigail Adams patched up a friendship with hair jewelry.

14 Legends About Cats From Around the World

Meg Van Huygen

And you thought cat stories were just an internet thing.

How is SPF Calculated?

Erin McCarthy

We asked some sun care experts to break down how sun protection factors are calculated, and how to best apply the stuff.

Artist Creates a Tactile Comic Book For Blind Readers

Michele Debczak

"Shapereader" uses patterns to convey things, feelings, and concepts.

Corpse Flower at New York Botanical Garden Slated to Bloom This Weekend

Kirstin Fawcett

Hold your noses, folks.

10 International Candies You Can Buy Online

Matt Stofsky

Gummy ears, soap-tasting gum, chicken-shaped lollipops, and more.

Coral Reef 'Bright Spots' Yield Clues to Save 'Dark Spots'

Tara Haelle

Some reefs are faring better than others. Why?

Are You and Your Partner In Sync Financially?

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Money isn’t everything in a relationship … but it is pretty important. Take our quiz to find out whether you and your partner are on the same page, then see what Farnoosh Torabi—Chase Slate financial education partner and host of the award-winning podcast, So Money—has to say about mastering the art of money management.