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14 Faithful Facts About 'Sister Act'

Stacy Conradt

Revisiting the sisters of St. Katherine's.

Sweden Has a Massive Clock Made by Circling Truck Drivers

Anna Green

Swedish automotive company Scania has created a massive 750,000 square foot clock.

Researchers Built a Solar Simulator That Shines Brighter Than 20,000 Suns

Michele Debczak

It can be used to subject materials to extreme conditions.

Dream of Being an Astronaut? You Might Want to Work on Your Handshake

Caitlin Schneider

To prepare for life in zero gravity, astronauts make sure their arms and hands are in tip-top shape.

The Earliest Known Descriptions of 5 U.S. Landmarks

Paul Anthony Jones

From the European discovery of America through to the land rushes and gold rushes of the 19th century, a host of explorers, navigators, cartographers, and prospectors have opened up the landscape of t

The Water-Gen Device Makes Water From Air

Anna Green

The water generator, which comes in three sizes, uses plastic “leaves” to cool the air and then collects the resulting condensation.

Hipster-Themed Convenience Store Opens in Portland

Rudie Obias

Now, you can get your local artisanal favorites as well as cider and beer.

iMessage Stickers Correct Grammatical Errors With Judgmental Red Pen

Rebecca OConnell

Correcting your friends' typos just got easier (and more obnoxious).

Morning Cup of Links: The Best TV Ever

Miss Cellania

Great links to start a great weekend!

10 Colorful Facts About Chameleons

Mark Mancini

You probably know that these lizards can change their skin color, but they’ve got plenty of other tricks as well.

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History's 10 Most Influential Poets, Ranked

Kirstin Fawcett

Countless authors have borrowed techniques, styles, and inspiration from these main figures.

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How Long Does it Take for Food to Spoil?

Rebecca OConnell

Don't leave it up to chance.

You Can Now Book Your Uber Rides in Advance in NYC

Shaunacy Ferro

Need to go to the airport next Tuesday at 5 a.m.? No problem.