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The 6 Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

'Spider-man,' 'Black,' and more.

This Artist Makes Stunning Bird Sculptures From Paper and Wood

Michele Debczak

Inspiration struck while he was working on a children's book.

6 Smart Ways to Get More Protein in Your Diet

Kat Rosenfield

You don't need to scarf down chicken cutlets every hour in order to get more protein in your diet—just make these simple switches.

This Brilliant Generator Matches 'Simpsons' Quotes With Stills

Rebecca OConnell

A perfectly cromulent way to search for 'Simpsons' stills.

Researchers Have Figured Out What Makes Some Peppers So Spicy

Anna Green

It all depends on where the heat lives.

This App Deletes Your Work If You Stop Writing

Michele Debczak

Force yourself into a flow state to increase your productivity.

New 'Monster' Daddy Longlegs Discovered in Oregon

Andrew LaSane

Spoiler: The term "monster" is a bit of a misnomer.

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Egyptian Boat and an Unknown Queen's Tomb

Kirstin Fawcett

Together, the two finds highlight the importance of the ancient necropolis of Abusir.

Head-on Collision With Another Planet Formed the Earth and the Moon

Kate Horowitz

Both Earth and the Moon contain molecular traces of Earth’s head-on collision with the vanished planet Theia.

This Packaging Is Like a Mattress for Your Eggs

Shaunacy Ferro

Best of all, you can see if one of the eggs inside is broken.

12 Fun Novelty Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

Miss Cellania

Time to update your Twitter feed!

20 Companies With the Best Job Perks

Shaunacy Ferro

Vacation travel stipends? Free acupuncture? Paying off student debt? Yes, please.

Orangutans May One Day Play Video Games With Zoo Guests

Anna Green

Researchers at the University of Melbourne’s Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces have teamed up with Zoos Victoria to develop games for Orangutans using Microsoft’s Kinect 3D

Play This Game to Find Out How Easily Distracted You Are

Shaunacy Ferro

Just how frazzled are you?

This Cat Video is Taking Over New York's Times Square Every Night This Month

Andrew LaSane

You can stand in the center of the New York City hub and watch this cat sip milk.