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10 Geeky Place Card Ideas for Thanksgiving

Stacy Conradt

Give thanks for all things geeky.

Why This Filmmaker Shot a 14-Hour Movie About Paint Drying

Anna Green

Independent filmmaker Charlie Lyne wants to protest BBFC censorship by forcing the sensors to watch an obscenely boring 14-hour-long film.

Funky Cups Allow Astronauts to Sip Espresso in Space

Shaunacy Ferro

Astronauts can now experience the sweet smell of coffee in space.

Drink Vibrant Colors With Pantone Tea Cocktails

Rebecca OConnell

If you're curious what Pantone 1945C might taste like, it involves beets, lemon, and vodka.

25 Not-So-Corny Facts About Indiana

Andrew LaSane

A few things you should know about the state with the mysterious nickname.

Japan is Home to KFC's Latest All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Michele Debczak

We're still waiting for this to catch on in the U.S.

Portugal’s Last Traveling Film Projectionist Practices a Dying Art

Roma Panganiban

Antonio Feliciano travels the country in his free time to spread his love of cinema.

Gut Bacteria Dramatically Boosts Cancer Immunotherapy

Jordan Rosenfeld

The tumor-reducing effects were comparable to anti-cancer drugs known as checkpoint inhibitors.

Colorful Felted Cat Beds for the Surrealist Kitty in Your Life

Rebecca OConnell

What better shape for a cat bed than a cat?

Create Your Own Customized Poop Emoji

Shaunacy Ferro

The WaterAid Emoji Creator raises awareness for world sanitation with adorable poop icons.

11 Solid Facts About the English Bulldog

Rebecca OConnell

They're more than a(n adorably) wrinkly face.

10 Surprising Movie Twists That Audiences Never Saw

Andrew LaSane

Some of your favorite movies could have had very different endings.

Why Does Germany Have So Many Different Names?

Sean ONeill Arika Okrent

Germany. Deutschland, Allemagne, Niemcy, Saksa, Vokietija...

Study Finds Men May Overeat To Impress Women

Anna Green

Researchers found that men consumed 93 percent more pizza and 86 percent more salad in the presence of women.

Microscopic Parasite Revealed to Be Teeny, Tiny Jellyfish

Kate Horowitz

Sequencing the myxozoans’ genome revealed their unlikely cnidarian origins.