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Morning Cup of Links


24 of the Most Banned Books of All Time

Shaunacy Ferro

You probably know that 'Lolita' was controversial, but what about 'Green Eggs and Ham'?

Why Are Pancakes Always Round?

Matt Soniak

Gravity is an excellent chef.

Polaroid Introduces Instant, Touchscreen Franken-Camera

Jake Rossen

The company's signature print-on-demand camera has entered the 21st century.

10 Game-Changing Facts About the Nintendo 64

Jay Serafino

Nintendo's groundbreaking console just turned 20.

Lack of Paid Leave Costs Americans $20.6 Billion a Year

Michele Debczak

Families lose an extra $8.3 billion due to lack of childcare.

You Can Help Reissue a Copy of Carl Sagan's Voyager Golden Record

Caitlin Schneider

A Kickstarter is turning the only government-authorized alien playlist in history into a vinyl box set.

12 Facts About Ivan Pavlov

Suzanne Raga

There's more to the noted physiologist than just the famous "Pavlovian response."

Breathtaking Timelapse Shows How Crystallization Occurs

Anna Green

"Crystallization2" reveals how different salt molecules crystalize.

Scientists Record Fish Singing a Dawn Chorus Like Birds

Michele Debczak

Eat your heart out, Big Mouth Billy Bass.

Joe Biden Will Appear on 'Law & Order: SVU' This Week

Rebecca OConnell


Morning Cup of Links: The Perfect Fantasy Movie

Miss Cellania

Required morning reading for the beginning of a great wekk.

15 Amazing Notebooks to Inspire You to Write More

Rebecca OConnell

Grab your favorite pen!

Here's Why Everyone Is So Obsessed With the 'Mona Lisa'

Kirstin Fawcett

It's about more than just art.

5 Questions: "Fall"ing into Autumn

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11 Things You Might Not Know About Lester Holt

Jake Rossen

Or, as co-workers call him, "Iron Pants."