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11 Movies That Could Have Starred George Clooney

Roger Cormier

Before he became a movie star, one bad audition had Francis Ford Coppola believing that Clooney might be crazy.

Bangladesh's 'Tree Man' is All Set for Surgery

Kirstin Fawcett

Abul Bajandar has a rare disease that causes massive, bark-like warts to sprout on his hands and feet.

Watch This Gamer Beat 'Super Mario Bros.' Blindfolded

Andrew LaSane

His reaction at the end is the best part.

The Origin of Bungee Jumping, As Told by One of Its Pioneers

Andrew LaSane

Chris Sigglekow shares the history of the activity that he helped create.

5 Revelations About Millennials and Money, According to Facebook

Abbey Stone

The relationship can be defined as “it’s complicated.”

The Missing Links: The Dark History of the Super Bowl Coin Toss

Colin Patrick

Portland Airport Adding Movie Theater to Its Terminal

Rudie Obias

Portland International Airport is teaming up with the city's Hollywood Theatre to open a new cinema for travelers.

What People Are Wondering About Your State, According to Google

Alvin Ward

"Why does [state]..."

Why Multitasking Is Bad for Your Brain

Kirstin Fawcett

Turns out, we aren't wired to focus on more than one thing at a time.

25 Fascinating Facts About South Carolina

Andrew LaSane

12. It's home to an island populated by 4000 rhesus monkeys.

A Hypnotic History of Screensavers

Jake Rossen

Jefferson Airplane thought they had the market cornered on flying toasters.

New Mouse Dies Inside a Museum's 155-Year-Old Mouse Trap

Rebecca OConnell

They don't make mouse traps like they used to.

Find Out If You Have Superior Facial-Recognition Skills

Anna Green

If you’re great at finding familiar faces in a crowd, or forever remember people you’ve met only once, you might be a super-recognizer.

Joe Alaskey, Voice of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, Dies at Age 63

Andrew LaSane

During his career, the Emmy-winning voice actor added over 100 movie and television credits to his resumé.

Meet the 10 Honorary Harlem Globetrotters

Stacy Conradt

Most of them aren't exactly people who can handle a basketball like Meadowlark Lemon.