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Retrobituaries: Jesse Applegate, Who Found a Safer Route on the Oregon Trail

Suzanne Raga

He established the Applegate Trail, a less dangerous route for settlers to take from the Midwest into Oregon.

Winners of This Small Town's Silly Rubber Duck Race Are Awarded a Serious Prize

Kirstin Fawcett

The annual “Ducky Wucky River Race” in Harvard, Massachusetts offers the victor a dinner of their choice, anywhere in the world.

Peacocks Use Vibrating Feathers to Attract the Ladies

Shaunacy Ferro

Their iridescent eyespots stay still while other parts of the feather oscillate, creating a captivating display for peahens.

How Do Draft Picks Get Personalized Jerseys So Fast?

Jason English

Do they print up jerseys for every possible scenario and send the extras to El Salvador?

Layla in Real Life: 10 Songs Written About Pattie Boyd

Roger Cormier

The ex-wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton made music history by asking two questions: "Prisoners?' and "Do I look alright?"

Infographic: How Ancient Egypt Shaped the Modern World

Anna Green

We owe a lot to our innovative forebears.

These Baby Products Use NASA-Inspired Fabric to Keep Infants Warm

Kirstin Fawcett

Little Lotus's temperature-controlled swaddles and blankets keep babies at a perfect 98.6 degrees.

Some Supplements May Boost the Effectiveness of Antidepressants

Kate Horowitz

A large study found that fish oil, vitamin D, and other supplements may increase the power of medication for clinical depression.

15 Lawful Facts About the 'Police Academy' Movies

Roger Cormier

Despite consistently poor reviews, the series spawned seven feature films, one live-action series, a cartoon, and a possible upcoming reboot.

Point Nemo: The Point in the Ocean Farthest From Land

Kate Horowitz

No place on Earth is farther from land than Point Nemo, also known as the Oceanic Pole of Inacessability.

Relax Beside a Flaming Death Star With This 'Star Wars'-Inspired Fire Pit

Michele Debczak

Indulge your Dark Side.

There's Now a Better Way to Buy Wine on eBay

Andrew LaSane

The ecommerce giant has partnered with Drync to launch a wine marketplace.

You Can Now Play 'Minecraft' in Virtual Reality

Michele Debczak

The game's pixelated world is about to feel a lot more believable.

See a Solar Flare in Glorious 4K Resolution

Andrew LaSane

See the flash that caused radio blackouts here on Earth.

The Stories Behind 10 Famous Typefaces and Where They're Used

Claire Cock-Starkey

Many commonly used typefaces have histories richer than their designs convey.