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Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

Jake Rossen

That banged-up cardboard box is your cat's makeshift panic room.

Study: Cougars Could Prevent Deer-Related Road Deaths

Jake Rossen

The big cats could devour enough deer to dramatically reduce road collisions and the associated costs.

11 Fun Facts About the International Phonetic Alphabet

Arika Okrent

Every writing system represents speech a little differently, and no system is completely faithful to how words are actually pronounced.

Incredible Mushroom Cloud Appears in Phoenix Thunderstorm

Shaunacy Ferro

The weather phenomenon is called a microburst.

Watch a Bratwurst-Grilling Robot Serve Up Perfectly Seared Sausages

Kirstin Fawcett

Germany's traditional food gets a high-tech twist.

The Peppy '80s Song "Vamos a la Playa" Was About Nuclear War

Arika Okrent

The song still shows up in Spanish classes today, as it does on the lips of moms and dads happily packing up the sunscreen and towels for a day at the beach.

Wednesday's Amazon Deals You Will Want to See

Smart Shopping Team

As a recurring feature, our team combs the Web and shares some amazing Amazon deals we’ve turned up. Here’s what caught our eye today, July 20.

13 Secrets of Massage Therapists

Suzanne Raga

They'd really love it if you took a shower first.

Japan Will Make Its Last-Ever VCR This Month

Mental Floss UK


Crawling Machine Is Half Animal, Half 3D-Printed Robot

Kate Horowitz

Its inventors say the cyborg sea slug will have features and capabilities that neither robot nor animal could accomplish on its own.

10 Classic Facts About ‘Wishbone’

Kristin Hunt

Between 1995 and 1998, PBS fed kids classic tales like 'Ivanhoe' through a wise-cracking Jack Russell Terrier.

Research Argues Spoilers Make Stories Better

Jake Rossen

Your no-spoiler policy may be a waste of time.

Classy Curse Swag Lets You Express Frustration With Style

Michele Debczak

The fancy expletive comes on mugs, note cards, and window decals.

Stay in Two Countries Simultaneously at This Franco-Suisse Hotel

Caitlin Schneider

In one room, you sleep in Switzerland, but shower in France.

6 Stay-Dry Essentials for Hot Yoga

Laurel Leicht

Whether you’re heading to yoga in the park on a hot summer day or the studio for a 90-minute Bikram class, having a few pieces of the right gear can make your practice more enjoyable.