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4 Ways 3D Printing Could Take Thanksgiving to New Heights

Janet Burns

Popular Science’s totally gobble-able roundup of ways 3D printing could transform the Thanksgiving feast inspired us to dig up a few more.

The Theory of General Relativity Turns 100 Today

Janet Burns

It was the end result of a line of inquiry that led “not to a disavowal of Newton’s theory of gravitation, but to a sublimation or supplement of it,” as Einstein told The New York Times in 1919.

People Who Use Standing Desks Sit More at Home, Study Finds

Shaunacy Ferro

Don’t feel too bad about not hopping on the standing-desk trend.

10 Super Facts About Jessica Jones

Rudie Obias

Going back to the beginning of Netflix’s newest superhero.

Why Do Birds Fly?

Jordan Rosenfeld

Let’s talk about aerodynamics (air-oh-die-NAM-icks).

Biodegradable Bowls Find Use for Food Waste

Rebecca OConnell

Seed shaped bowls are made from food waste and become fertilizer when you're done.

2015 Will Likely Be the Warmest Year in Recorded History

Kirstin Fawcett

When global warming meets El Niño.

25 Amazing Facts About Iowa

Stacy Conradt

Learn more about the home of sliced bread, John Wayne, and the country's first female lawyer.

The Missing Links: A Hospital Memo on the Deaths of Kennedy and Oswald

Colin Patrick

Watch These Rare Outtakes From Charlie Chaplin’s Early Films

Anna Green

As the creator of the compilation notes, "Chaplin was a perfectionist, but he wasn't always perfect."

10 Chemistry Cooking Hacks From an Award-Winning Teacher (and Foodie)

Michele Debczak

Prepare for Thanksgiving dinner with some tips from a chemistry expert.

These Lockers Could Someday Replace TSA Conveyor Belts

Andrew LaSane

The DHS is testing the new system as a more efficient upgrade to old security technology.

Get Tangled in These Mythical God Family Trees

Rebecca OConnell

Keep track of all your gods with these helpful diagrams.

10 More Great Kids' Comics for Early Readers

Rich Barrett

Young readers will love these fun and exciting comic books.

Tales from the Butterball Hotline

Stacy Conradt

The Butterball Hotline is real. Here are some of the stranger reasons people have called.