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Architects Design a Concept Home Built to Rise Above Floods

Shaunacy Ferro

Climate change is only going to make flooding worse, so we might as well live in homes that can withstand rising waters.

6 Questions to Ask Before You Accept a Job Offer

Presented by Allstate.

These Superhero Logo Bookcase Designs Power Up Boring Living Spaces

Andrew LaSane

This is as close to a hero's lair as you're going to get.

New Geocoding System Creates Hyper-Specific Global Addresses

Kirstin Fawcett

Now you have no excuse for getting lost.

Female Knights Can Now Joust at British Castles

Michele Debczak

A 1000-year-old tradition has been updated.

Pianist Gives Floating Performance Among Arctic Ice

Michele Debczak

He collaborated with Greenpeace to perform "Elegy for the Arctic."

Brooklyn Public Library Launches Video Chat Program For Inmates and Families

Anna Green

The Brooklyn Public Library wants to make it easier for incarcerated New Yorkers and their families to stay connected.

High Levels of Chemical Contaminants Discovered Inside Deep-Sea Animals

Andrew LaSane

Researchers found pollutants in crustaceans living six miles below the surface of the ocean.

Channel Your Inner Khaleesi With This Dragon Necklace

Reedhima Mandlik

Each necklace can be custom-made and is painted by hand.

Scientists Say ‘Undead’ Genes Switch On After Death

Kate Horowitz

Studying the expression of certain genes may someday help in forensic investigations and organ transplants.

10 Fast Facts About 'Logan's Run'

Roger Cormier

The dystopian classic is turning 40 years old.

A Comprehensive Look at Typography in 'Blade Runner'

Shaunacy Ferro

Typeset in the Future is the perfect site for design nerds with a deep love of sci-fi, and vice versa.

'Game of Thrones' Spoiler App Lets You Ruin the Show For Your Enemies

Anna Green

Spoiler alert.

Betty Boop Is Getting a Modern Makeover

Kirstin Fawcett

Designer Zac Posen, Pantone, and a team of graduate art students have been tasked with giving Boop a high-fashion look.

Study Shows That Working Long Hours Increases Health Risks for Women

Jake Rossen

Data collected over a 32-year span has revealed some alarming consequences of working more than 60 hours a week.