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Why Do Seared Steak and Toasted Marshmallows Smell So Amazing?

Kate Horowitz

The Maillard reaction, or browning reaction, is responsible for the mouth-watering aromas of toasted bread, fresh-baked cookies, and grilled steak.

Study: Improvement From Brain-Training Apps Might Be a Placebo Effect

Michele Debczak

If brain games feel like they're working, that might be because you expect them to.

This Solution Lets You Make Bubbles From Your Favorite Beverage

Michele Debczak

You can now consume soda, coffee, and booze in bubble form.

New Google Algorithm Aims to Improve Self-Diagnosis

Andrew LaSane

This should help to stop you from falling down those (sometimes hypochondriacal) rabbit holes.

How to Cook Fried Chicken in the 18th Century

Michele Debczak

Things were done a little differently in 1736.

David Lynch Is Curating a Film and Music Festival This Fall

Anna Green

As you might expect, the lineup is pretty eclectic.

You Could Be in a Screenwriting Class With Aaron Sorkin

Shaunacy Ferro

The master of snappy dialogue is teaching an online class this summer.

Use Every Inch of Your Suitcase With These Helpful Packing Tips

Rebecca OConnell

No more extra luggage charges for you.

Thirsty Thieves Steal Nearly 3300 Cases of Beer From Atlanta Brewery

Kirstin Fawcett

Some of the brew was recovered, but the robbers made away with (or drank) the rest.

15 All-Seeing Facts About 'Big Brother'

Roger Cormier

Contestants have married one another. Others have been hospitalized after eating slop.

Why Are Some Farts Noisy?

Autumn Spanne

Some farts are high and squeaky. Some explode like a machine gun.

Like Lobsters and Pigeons, Wild Pigs May Orient Their Lives Along Magnetic Fields

Kate Horowitz

A study of warthogs and wild boars found that the animals usually aligned their bodies along a north-south axis.

12 Sporty Facts About Adidas

Andrew LaSane

Only one brand has ties to the 1936 Olympics and the 2017 commercial space race.

The Missing Links: The Best International Food Tours

Alvin Ward

Why Are Cats Such Picky Eaters?

Jake Rossen

There's a good reason why Mr. Whiskers turns his nose at a change in his food.