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Introducing a Cassette-Shaped Table for Old School Music Fans

Kirstin Fawcett

Perfect for that friend who has everything.

5 Questions: Know Your Onions

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The Caribbean Emits a ‘Whistle’ That Can Be Detected from Space

Kate Horowitz

It's too big and low for us to hear, but researchers say the sea produces about an A flat.

People Are More Likely to Do Chores When They’re Happy

Shaunacy Ferro

Way to ruin a good mood.

9 Ways Kids Can Inspire You to Find Your Passion

Presented by American Family.

What’s the Right Way to Make a Milk Punch?

Clair McLafferty

Like the old fashioned, milk punch has evolved into two distinctive versions over the past few centuries.

Nintendo Launches Kirby Cafe in Japan

Michele Debczak

More proof that nostalgia for 90s video games is at an all-time high.

‘Stranger Things’ Concept Art Reveals Barb’s Original Fate

Anna Green

The conclusion to this fan favorite's story initially looked a lot different.

How Houdini Stayed in an Underwater Coffin for 90 Minutes

Nick Keppler

For his arguably greatest trick, performed just months before he died, Houdini had to master his own physiology.

Here’s Why Picking Your Nose Is a Bad Idea

Anna Green

Picking your nose isn’t such a harmless habit after all.

Talking to Teens About Weight and Dieting Might Be Bad for Their Health

Anna Green

Talking to adolescents about weight and dieting isn’t great for their self-image.

The Cities of the Future Might Have Drone Highways

Shaunacy Ferro

A futuristic plan for Shenzhen, China proposes self-driving car tunnels and drone-specific highway lanes.

Toronto Airport to Offer 12-Minute Flights to Niagara Falls

Kirstin Fawcett

Getting to North America's most famous waterfall just became a lot more convenient.

10 Not-So-Small Facts About the Volkswagen Beetle

Stacy Conradt

More than a decade after the last old-style Volkswagen Beetle rolled off the assembly line, people are still singing the praises of the quirky little car.

Sci-Fi Fans Are Helping Researchers Build a Medical Database

Anna Green

Dust off your favorite films and novels to contribute to this growing index.