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Watch a Gutenberg Printing Press in Action

Anna Green

The Crandall Printing Museum demonstrates how the Gutenberg press actually operated.

Finally, a Machine That Will Pet and Feed You and Your Dog

Andrew LaSane

Even better: your pooch can return the love.

5 Questions: La-La-La

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3D-Printed Hair Is Even Cooler Than It Sounds

Kate Horowitz

It can mimic all of hair’s natural abilities and more.

The Vulturepocalpyse Is Coming, and It’s Bad News

Anna Nowogrodzki

Ecosystems and humans alike rely on vultures, and not only because otherwise we'd be knee-deep in carcasses.

Morning Cup of Links: The Real Peter Rabbit

Miss Cellania

Links for everyone!

The 4 Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

'Superman,' 'Captain America,' and more.

Presidential Paper Dolls Satirize 2016 Election Candidates

Kirstin Fawcett

Bernie Sanders even comes with snowshoes and maple syrup.

Interactive Water Bottle For Kids Turns Staying Hydrated into a Game

Anna Green

Bowhead Technology created an interactive water bottle for kids, designed to make drinking water more fun.

Video: Tracking a Snowy Owl Returning Home to the Arctic

Shaunacy Ferro

NPR followed in the footsteps of a GPS-tagged owl named Baltimore from Maryland to Canada.

A Nutritionist Shares When to Use 6 Different Protein Powders

Laurel Leicht

With so many options on store shelves, finding the right fit for you can get confusing quickly.

WWI Centennial: French Fail To Retake Fort Douaumont

Erik Sass

Erik Sass is covering the events of the war exactly 100 years after they happened. This is the 236th installment in the series.

Artist Creates Furniture That Flattens Into 2D Wall Art

Anna Green

Artist Jongha Choi has created furniture that doubles as wall art.

Clever Art Installation Makes the Louvre's Pyramid Disappear

Michele Debczak

For the next month, the Louvre's iconic pyramid will be harder to spot.

An Adult-Sized Catbus is Coming to the Ghibli Museum

Rudie Obias

Your chance to live out ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ in real life is happening.