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The ‘NodPod’ Makes It Possible to Fall Asleep on a Plane

Michele Debczak

The "head hammock" offers a solution for travelers who don’t mind looking silly.

Study Finds Happy People Are More Authentic on Facebook

Kate Horowitz

What happens when your “true self” and the self you present online are two different people?

You Can Have Your Ashes Pressed Into Vinyl

Caitlin Schneider

The pops and crackles on these records are the entire point.

10 Delicious Food Mashups You Have to Try

Miss Cellania

These culinary mashups prove that a combination of your favorite foods isn't just possible—it's necessary.

This Family Lives Inside a Farmhouse Inside an Airplane Hangar

Anna Green

Architect Adam Kalkin and his family live in a 19th century New Jersey farmhouse that sits inside a modern airplane hangar.

Research Reveals the Best Way to Hold a Coffee Mug

Michele Debczak

Here's how to make it through your first cup of coffee without spillage.

Timelapse Shows a 1223 Pound Pumpkin Grow in Five Months

Rebecca OConnell

That's going to make a lot of pies.

Morning Cup of Links: The Rio Olympics Closing Ceremonies

Miss Cellania

15 Adorable Images of Cats Sticking Out Their Tongues

Michele Debczak

Attention cat lovers: The coffee table book of your dreams has arrived.

22 Fascinating Facts About Your Heart

Kirstin Fawcett

Here's why the blood-pumping organ is so amazing.

5 Questions: From the Veggie-Table

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This Hilarious Video Game Pays Tribute to Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room'

Kirstin Fawcett

A peek inside the video game remake of the 2003 cult classic.

Why Are U.S. Trains So Bad?

Shaunacy Ferro

Everyone loves the idea of a train trip, so why is our railway system so lacking?

7 Ways Your Kids Can Help You Be a Better Family Member

Presented by American Family.

Jimmy Carter's Short-Lived White House Solar Panels

Alvin Ward

What took so long for solar power to return to the White House?