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Who's in Space Right Now?

Chris Higgins

Five ways to keep tabs on our spacefaring friends!

12 Intense Facts About ‘Platoon’

Eric D Snider

'Platoon' made waves by showing the Vietnam War from the perspective of someone who fought in it.

Scientists Pinpoint Where Happiness Lives in the Brain

Jen Pinkowski

Are the brains of happy people different from those of unhappy people?

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explains Sex in Space

Kirstin Fawcett

You'll need leather straps, for one.

Watch Ultra HD Video of a Colorful Water Blob in Space

Chris Higgins

Behold our new blobby overlords!

13 Facts For Abigail Adams’s Birthday

Mark Mancini

The celebrated First Lady was—in several respects—lightyears ahead of her time.

21 Amazing Options for Your Next Ugly Sweater Party

Rebecca OConnell

Delight and disturb your family members with one of these impossibly silly sweaters.

How Eratosthenes Calculated Earth's Size Using a Well

Chris Higgins

Math, legwork, and a deep well helped figure out the circumference of our planet.

Thousands of Undelivered Letters Offer Rare Glimpse Into History

Caitlin Schneider

The trunk contains 2,600 pieces of mail from the turn of the 17th century, hundreds of which have never been opened.

25 Things You Should Know About Charleston

Jeff Wells

South Carolina's largest city is long on history and steeped in Southern charm. There's also Bill Murray.

Look Inside the Placebo Effect

Kate Horowitz

In a new video from “It’s Okay to Be Smart,” Joe Hanson explains the science of placebos—as much as we know, anyway.

11 Magical Facts About ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’

Jennifer M Wood

More than a half-century after its original publication, and somewhat against C. S. Lewis’ wishes, the Pevensie kids’ fantastical adventures in the land of Narnia came to life on the big screen.

Why Southern Californians Say “The” Before Freeway Numbers

Shaunacy Ferro

The regional quirk is due to the area’s particularly long history of highways.

Watch Frank Zappa & John Belushi Jam on 'SNL'

Chris Higgins

Belushi threatens a member of the horn section with his samurai sword...in a fun way.

The Bizarre 1970 Vampire Panic of Highgate Cemetery

Bess Lovejoy

Take some teenagers, rumors about a vampire, and some headless corpses, and what do you get? Panic.