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A Hypnotic History of Screensavers

Jake Rossen

Jefferson Airplane thought they had the market cornered on flying toasters.

New Mouse Dies Inside a Museum's 155-Year-Old Mouse Trap

Rebecca OConnell

They don't make mouse traps like they used to.

Find Out If You Have Superior Facial-Recognition Skills

Anna Green

If you’re great at finding familiar faces in a crowd, or forever remember people you’ve met only once, you might be a super-recognizer.

Joe Alaskey, Voice of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, Dies at Age 63

Andrew LaSane

During his career, the Emmy-winning voice actor added over 100 movie and television credits to his resumé.

Meet the 10 Honorary Harlem Globetrotters

Stacy Conradt

Most of them aren't exactly people who can handle a basketball like Meadowlark Lemon.

Gut Bacteria May Keep Fat, Hibernating Bears Healthy

Kate Horowitz

The fecal samples taken from hibernating bears were less diverse than those of their counterparts.

Official X-Files Coloring Book To Be Released Tonight

Rebecca OConnell

The truth is out there—and ready to be colored in.

This Smart Gas Pedal Vibrates When You Floor It

Michele Debczak

Here's a high-tech cure for your lead foot habit.

Retrobituaries: Ibn Battuta, One of the Greatest Travelers of All Time

Suzanne Raga

He left to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at age 22, and didn't come home for almost 30 years.

The Scientific Secret to Perfect Nachos

Kate Horowitz

The folks at the American Chemical Society have got you covered for game day.

13 Fun Facts About 'Newhart' (Unless We Only Dreamed Them)

Kara Kovalchik

The hit sitcom culminated in one of the most memorable finales in the history of television.

What Makes French Sound Sexy?

Liz Marasco

Those breathy vowels are so 'ooh la la.'

Watch Soothing Footage of Ice Floes on Lake Michigan

Shaunacy Ferro

A timelapse shot out of a Chicago high-rise captures what happens when large sections of the lake freeze over.

Artist Creates Elaborate Baroque Wigs Entirely Out of Paper

Caitlin Schneider

Even Marie Antoinette couldn't compete with these gorgeous productions.

5 Money Moves to Make ASAP If You Lose Your Job

Kate Rockwood

Losing your job doesn’t have to spell financial ruin (or a diet of ramen noodles).