For $2, You Can Get Unlimited Frostys Next Year

Shaunacy Ferro

All for a one-time fee of $2, most of which will go to charity.

Ants Communicate by Swapping Spit

Kate Horowitz

Scientists say the mouth-to-mouth exchanges transmit hormones and other important chemical information.

The International Territory in the Middle of New York City

Lynn Freehill-Maye

There is a way to leave the United States without stepping out of Manhattan.

Upgrade Your Headphones with Today's Amazon's Bluetooth Deal

Smart Shopping Team

Nab a pair of highly reviewed Bluetooth headphones for under $20.

Take Advantage of Amazon's Remaining Cyber Week Deals

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The Cyber Monday-worthy deals keep on coming!

10 Thirst-Quenching Facts about San Pellegrino

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The sparkling water brand boomed almost immediately.

The Story of Ethel Smyth: Composer, Suffragette, and Breaker of Operatic Glass Ceilings

Lucas Reilly

On December 1, 2016, the Metropolitan Opera premiered an opera composed by a woman. The last time that happened, it was 1903.

Woolly Mammoth Skeleton May Revise Experts' Timeline of Early America

Kirstin Fawcett

The mammal appears to have been butchered 15,000 years ago, long before humans were thought to arrive in the region it was found.

Why 'Thriller,' the Most Iconic Halloween Music Video Ever Made, Was Released in December

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Believe it or not, Michael Jackson’s landmark "Thriller" video premiered on December 2, 1983—weeks after the holiday it’s now synonymous with.

11 Dashing Facts About ‘Robin Hood: Men In Tights’

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Mel Brooks's charming spoof introduced the world to Dave Chappelle and extolled the virtues of form-fitting legwear.

The Weird Week in Review

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Weird news stories from around the globe.

Finish the 1987 Movie Title

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This Startup Delivers a Live Orchestra to Your Apartment

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Groupmuse brings the symphony to you.

5 Facts About the Wild Life of 'Call of the Wild' Author Jack London

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Revisiting a bit of the author’s wild ride can help us appreciate his uncanny insight into the world, and humanity’s never-ending search for a place in it.

The Story Behind Lewis Carroll’s Unsolvable Riddle

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The Mad Hatter’s riddle remains one of Lewis Carroll’s most enduring puzzles.